American sports betting has never been so popular

Right now, the sports betting industry is sweeping America off its feet, spreading from state to state, and more and more Americans are placing their bets. The reason why sports betting has become such a success in America lies not in the success of the gambling industry, but in the success of sports.

It is no secret that sports play an impactful role in American society. The United States is virtually the only nation in the world that puts such emphasis on sports, that even high school and college sports are considered interesting and important. But how did sports come to be so important in the American society?

Sports and the American family

Sports in America are inextricably linked to family. Three out of four parents encourage their children to play sports. 45 % of parents feel as though they are personally competing when they are watching their children playing sports.

What’s more, studies show that people who share similarly high levels of interest in the same sport as their family members are more satisfied with their relationships to parents, siblings, etc. It is evident that the love of sports begins in the American family. For this reason, sports are personal to a lot of Americans. Athletes are viewed as heroes and role models for children as well as adults.

The popularity of sports betting in America

Arizona, for example, is among the latest states to legalize sports betting, and has quickly become one of the fastest growing states regarding sports betting popularity. Read more about Arizona sports betting here.

People have long consumed sports on the internet, so of course people are also interested in betting online. The great part of online sports betting is that you don’t have to restrict your betting or your interest in sports to your own state. You can expand your horizon and keep up with sports across America. In New Jersey, for example, the sports industry has been up and running for a few years, starting in 2018. Learn about betting on NJ’s through this guide if you are interested in making your sports experience even more intense and thrilling.

Spectators and athletes

Americans don’t just like to play sports; they enjoy watching and reading about sports as well. The sports industry is first and foremost an entertainment industry. Millions of Americans love tuning into a sports channel or reading the latest sports news online. In fact, 93 % of American sports fans watch or read about sports every day.

The experience of watching sports is so intense, that 45 % of the fans imagine they are the ones competing, and they feel so connected to their favorite teams and athletes, that their moods are very much affected by the outcome of the particular game they are watching. This shows that watching sports and being a sports fan is very personal and has a huge impact on the daily lives of the fans.