Woodman seeks to bring change to the Clerk of the Graham County Superior Court’s office

Contributed Photo: Cindy Woodman, shown here with supporters, wants your vote for Clerk of the Superior Court of Graham County.

By Jon Johnson


SAFFORD – Seeking to bring business accountability to a government position, Republican Cindy Woodman is stumping for your vote to become the next Clerk of the Superior Court of Graham County.

“It needs leadership,” Woodman said. “It needs some business sense and quality service. They’ve lost six people in the last two years, and, to me, that means that the staff are not being shown the appreciation for their work and their job value as well as being an integral part of that team.”

Contributed Photo: Cindy Woodman, shown here with Governor Doug Ducey, has won the support of many local government leaders.

Woodman was born in Oregon but raised in Kingman until sixth grade, when she and her family moved to Safford in 1973.

After graduating high school, Woodman went to Northern Arizona University on an academic scholarship and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene with an emphasis in business. She then married an Air Force officer and traveled around the world before settling in Texas.

In 1993, Woodman found herself back in Safford, now as a single parent. She made the best of her situation, providing for her family by working as a dental hygienist, and now works with the Tooth B.U.D.D.S. program, that provides free dental care at schools throughout Graham and Greenlee counties.

Woodman said to it takes a full-time leader to initiate change and lead the office into what it should be.

“We need to redevelop not only the passion within each staff member so that it promotes the best quality service out of each of them, but we also need to establish job loyalty, so that we’re not just educating and training people so they’re prepared to go get a job somewhere else,” Woodman said. “In business, we know that if people are happy in their job they’re willing to accept less in their paycheck because they value being in a position where they are going to be able to go home happy.”

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Herald: Cindy Woodman addresses the attendees of the monthly meeting of the Graham County Republican Party Committee.

One of the ways Woodman says she plans on achieving that goal is by letting the staff know daily that what they are doing is important. She said her business sector knowledge allows her to understand what it takes to provide good customer service and that she is continually looking at ways she can improve.

“In business, if you don’t serve the public what they feel is the best that you have to offer, they’re going to go out the door and you’re never going to see them again,” Woodman said. “Unfortunately with government, they’re the only game in town. And we need to re-direct the thinking that we’re the only game in town and be customer-service oriented.”

Woodman also believes in term limits for elected officials.

“I don’t think that any public service elected office should be something that you go into and make it your career in that office,” Woodman said. “I’ve found that with this particular office, there have been only two women who have been over that office for 40 years . . . Anyone can learn a job, but not everyone has the ability to lead. And, to me, that’s probably the most important factor in this election; to recognize leadership abilities, to recognize work ethic, integrity, attention to detail. Those are the things that will generally affect every single person who walks into that office, including the staff.” 

Woodman has been endorsed by mayors and council members of Safford and Pima, as well as former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack and former Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi. For more information, visit her website by clicking here. Early voting began Wednesday, and election day is Nov. 6. 

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