Ways you can make money by playing poker

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You might think that you’ll have to be very skilled in order to earn money playing poker. In reality, almost anyone can do it, if you use a referral promo for America’s Cardroom and play your cards right. Anyone can definitely make money playing poker, but you will need to do it with strategy instead of going in blindly. This means playing against the right people, making the right moves, and playing the right games. You will also need good tilt control if you want to make good money. 

This is because poker is a skill game. You might be influenced by the short-run wins but you will need patience and skills to build your confidence in order to strike. Here is how you can earn money while playing poker. 

How to make money playing poker online

Making money through poker is best done online. What’s even better is that you can pretty much work from home the whole time and not leave the house, how convenient! 

To start off, you will need to deposit a bit of money into the poker account and essentially further build up your funds by making more money from poker. There are many sites that you can do to make money with poker, depending on where you live, you may or may not have access to the sites. In order to stand out from the poker-playing crowd, you will need to be in a game with recreational players who make big mistakes. You will definitely find these players and you should use them to your advantage as they will help bring in the cash. 

How to make money playing poker at a casino

Compared to playing poker in a casino, playing poker online will not need you to physically be there at the location. If you live in a rural area, you will possibly face problems heading to the casino, and you could even rack up some costs just to get there. If you don’t have a casino in your area, online poker will be very useful. At a casino, you will also need to first deposit some money. In return, you will be given chips, which can be used to play poker. With online poker, however, people usually leave a balance there and then cash out when they feel like it. 

Finding the right poker games to play

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Knowing the difference between playing poker online and in a casino is one thing. But the other is to know how to play online and play it to your strengths. For a beginner, it is recommended that you go for cash games. They are the easiest to get started in and always easy to get in. They also require little time investment, so it is entry level. In cash games, you can come and go whenever you please and not lose anything. On the flip side, in a poker tournament, the blinds will keep increasing and you cannot just leave anytime or you will lose all your chips. When starting cash games, you can first start with one or two cents, which allows you to try playing without losing much. Online, the highest game is played at $1 or $2, which is not a lot compared to the physical one where the minimum is that amount. In addition, playing with about nine to ten other players would be great, as you will be able to learn at a slower pace rather than be pressured to make a move soon. 

Finding the right people to play against

The most crucial thing you have to note when playing poker is the people you will be competing against. Many people think that any poker game would work, but what they don’t know is that they could be playing with one of the strongest players out there, putting them at a great disadvantage. Before starting a game, you should observe to see which table has the weakest players. Unlike other casino games, poker is played between people and having people around makes a huge difference. As you are not in direct competition with the house, you can play this to your advantage and get ahead of the others.

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If you are choosing to play with a strong table, you are almost for sure going to lose your buy-in. Alternatively, if you pick and choose the right people as your opponents, you will get an edge over them as they will be making rookie mistakes. 

Playing the right cards

Apart from choosing the right opponents to go against you, you will also need to use the right strategy. Firstly, you should play most of your hands when you have a position. Always bet if you think you have a better pair. Don’t try to cheat others and keep your cool when you get unlucky. These are useful strategies if you are playing at the basic level. When you get better and play at a higher level, it gets trickier and you will have to call more bluffs, etc. In order to beat the rest, try not to overcomplicate things and instead keep everything as simple as possible. 

Tilt control is vital to your success

Finally, you need to work on your own anger and frustration. Try not to let these emotions overwhelm you as these will bleed into your games and you will lose your edge over the other players. If you are feeling very frustrated, you should take some time off and quit for the day. 

Low stake games require a high amount of patience because you will get a terrible handover and over again and you need to be prepared when going into every game. The play at that level is so bad that you will get increasingly frustrated. However, bear in mind that this will be beneficial to you in the long run and thus you need to be patient and keep your cool. In poker, math can’t be fought. You will need to make the right plays at the table and keep your composure, the math will take the other players out for you. 


Poker can seem daunting when you’re first starting out. But remember to always keep your cool and find the right players to get an edge over. That way you can earn money playing online poker.