Those in need of emergency services can now text to 911 in Graham County

Jon Johnson File Photo: The GCSO has announced users can now text to 911 if necessary.

Contributed Article/Courtesy GCSO

The Graham County Sheriff’s Office is announcing the implementation of Text to 9-1-1 in Graham County. You are now able to text 911 for emergencies.

While speaking directly to an emergency services dispatcher is the best and fastest way to get help or to report a crime in progress, this new text-to-911 option is designed to benefit the hearing or speech impaired. It is also an excellent resource for those who are in a situation where speaking on the phone could put them in further danger.

  • To send a text to 911 from your cell phone go to “New Message”, and enter “911” in the “To:” field. Your text message should be brief and contain the type of help you need and the address of your emergency. Push the “Send” button.
  • Stay with your phone and be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions from the Emergency Services Dispatcher.
  • When texting to 911, please use plain English, as emojis may be blocked and short abbreviations are not always universally understood.
  • Do not send the 911 message to anyone other than 911. The text will not work as a group text.
  • Text-to-911 will not work on ‘roaming’. A text or data plan is required to utilize the system.
  • Please do not text and drive.
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