The ultimate guide to casino games for novices

Anyone who lives in and around the Gila Valley knows what a great place it is to call home. As with the rest of Arizona, it enjoys warm weather most of the year and has stunning natural landscapes to explore. The Gila Valley also has lots of options when it comes to staying entertained and kicking back in your spare time. From catching up with how the local high school Pima is doing in basketball to checking out the many great places to eat in the region, you will always have something to stay busy with.

One hobby that is becoming more and more popular around Arizona is playing casino games online. Although the online gambling picture around the state might not be overly clear-cut, it is legal to play at offshore platforms that cater to US players. If you have never played casino games before, though, you might feel a little daunted or not know where to begin.

To help out, we have put together the ultimate guide to the top casino games for newbies.


A selection of pokies is something all the best online casinos will have and this means they are worth knowing about. Finding out more about slots is also wise because they are one of the most enjoyable and popular casino games to try. Simple to pick up and fast-paced, they are ideal for casual players who just want a few minutes of fun now and then.

You just choose the game you want to play, set your stake and then press the button to spin the reels. If a winning combination is formed once the reels stop, you win. Modern online slots not only come with bonus features and awesome graphics but in a range of themes to suit all tastes.


Another classic casino game you should know more about is blackjack, But what is it and how does it work? In simple terms, this game sees you go head to head with the dealer. The aim is to get a hand as close to 21 in value as possible, but without going over. Whoever gets closest without going bust wins the hand.

Blackjack is popular with many gamers because it is easy to learn. Although it might sound a bit complicated at first, it soon becomes as easy as adding the Gila Herald to your iPhone, after a few goes. This game is also known for being exciting and also having an element of strategy to it. It is also normally the online casino game with the lowest house edge, which means the odds of winning are tipped in a player’s favor.


Roulette is perhaps the definitive casino game and the one that those who have never played at a casino before will recognize. It is also a very easy game to learn, fast-paced, and offers plenty of thrills. Players simply choose which number(s) to back and then the ball is spun around the roulette wheel. If it lands on your number, you win the bet!

Although it is more of a game of chance, you can employ various betting systems when playing roulette. It is also possible to make different bets than straight numbers to win (such as odd, even, red or black) which brings some depth to the gameplay.


Poker is one of the major casino games any guide for newcomers should include. The history of poker shows that it has been around for a long time, and it is as popular now as it has ever been. This is certainly true for internet casinos, where players flock to enjoy it on a daily basis. This game basically involves making up the best hand you can from the cards dealt/available, in order to beat other players. This usually includes being dealt a certain number of cards to start with, and then community cards being dealt, which can be used to make up the rest of your hand.

The appeal of poker lies in its sense of drama and unbridled excitement, and deep strategy. In addition, there are many varieties of the game, which prevents it from becoming boring. From Omaha to Texas Hold’em, you will have no trouble finding a fun type of poker to enjoy.

The ultimate guide to casino games for beginners

As with anything in life, it pays to know what you are doing before getting involved – playing casino games is no exception. This not only helps you have more fun and understand what is happening but also helps you perform better. While the above is not an exhaustive list, it does sum up what the most popular casino games are all about for newcomers.