Editorial: How to add the Gila Herald to your iPhone’s home screen

Staff Reports

Did you know that you can have all the functionality of a Gila Herald application on your iPhone by just following a few simple steps? Doing so puts the Gila Herald icon on your phone’s home screen with all the other apps and allows for a single touch to go straight to the website. 

Here’s how to do it. 

First, use Safari and type in gilaherald.com to arrive at the Gila Herald’s home page. 

Then select the square box with the arrow on the top. 

For the third step, scroll through the bottom set of options until you see “Add to Home Screen” and select it. 

For the fourth step, simply backspace until only the title “The Gila Herald” remains and select “Add” or “Done”. 

There, that’s it. Now the Gila Herald is on your phone and you can place it anywhere you would like to keep your news apps and with one touch it will take you to the Gila Herald’s home page. 

Editor’s note: If someone knows how to do this with an Android phone, please list the directions in the Facebook comments.  

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