Sheriff’s Office warns of warrant phone scam

Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald: The GCSO is warning about a warrant phone scam going around Graham County.

By Jon Johnson

GRAHAM COUNTY – Sheriff P.J. Allred is warning the public about a phone scam going around pretending to be the Sheriff’s Office calling about warrants.

He said his office was contacted by three separate individuals Tuesday morning regarding calls they received saying they had a warrant for missing jury duty. The scammer then advises that the warrant can be taken care of by sending them payment over the phone. 

According to Allred, the Sheriff’s Office and courts handle those with warrants in person, and such activities are never transacted over the phone. 

“They’re not going to come and arrest you,” Sheriff Allred said. “Do not send money anywhere. The Sheriff’s Office, the Superior Court, the justice courts, the city courts, we don’t call anybody and ask them to send us this amount of money and we will quash away anything that you have. No, you have to come here and appear in person. That’s how we would have to deal with things.”

Sheriff Allred advises that if you receive a call from someone suggesting you can take care of a warrant over the phone by sending money you hang up the phone. If necessary, one can contact the real Graham County Sheriff’s Office to inquire about such status by calling (928) 428-3191. 

“Don’t ever send money to nobody no place no how no where over the internet or over telephone calls – nothing like that,” Allred said. “People need to do business old school (with the Sheriff’s Office).”