Editorial: Which is it, Joe? 

Burned cars sit on Front Steet in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. People had to flee their cars and jump into the water to avoid the flames during Maui’s historic wildfire that leveled Lahaina.

Column By Mike Bibb

I thought our president was named Joseph “Joe” Robinette Biden Jr.  Now I’m finding out he could also be known as Robert Peters, or Robin Ware, or JRB Ware.

Do we really have only one president – or four?

At the polls, I think I only voted for one.  I’m sure of it.  That’s all the ballot would allow.  

This is getting confusing.

Apparently, according to the National Archives and Records Administration, when Joe was vice president, he used several aliases communicating, via emails, with his son, Hunter.

At the time, Hunter had a lucrative job as a board member of a Ukrainian natural gas company.  He wasn’t hired because of his extensive knowledge of the natural gas business.  That would be the logical assumption.

Actually, his purpose on the company board of directors was simply as a messenger pigeon, delivering confidential information between Ukrainian business interests and VP Joe.

Secret reports are not intended for public or government review.

Since Joe was only the #2 guy in Washington, there’s growing suspicion he may have also been relaying Hunter’s info to the #1 dude.

In an interview on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show,” Aug. 17, 2023, Rep. Greg Stube, R-Fla, asked “Why exactly would you have to use pseudonyms and code names – and now you’re James Bond as vice president – unless you’re hiding something?  Absolutely, he was hiding something.”

Stube, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, continued – “We’re getting actual numbers.  We now know of over $20 million the Biden family has taken from foreign countries: Ukraine, Russia, and the Chinese Communist Party.  One example, a Russian oligarch (Elena Baturina) gives $3.5 million, and then after she gives the money to Hunter, Hunter, Joe and her have dinner in Washington, D.C.” 

Recently, uncovered documents indicate the amounts are more.  Much, much more.  

Hasn’t Joe been telling us for years he “doesn’t know anything about Hunter’s foreign business dealings”?

Maybe, Joe didn’t know, but sounds like Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware knew. And maybe, BHO, too.

Perhaps, the “Big Guy” was also in on the schemes?

There’s one thing for certain, someone’s lying.  Either everyone on the Congressional Committee looking into this matter is fabricating evidence and making all this stuff up, or Joe, Hunter, and unnamed others have deceived the American people for years – and getting paid big money for it.

If so, Article II, Sec. 4, of the U.S. Constitution specifically states “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

In Joe’s particular case, “bribery, or other high crimes” is increasingly looking applicable to his situation. 

There’s more, Rep. Stube says – “Wouldn’t you know it?  When Joe Biden is president and the Russians invade Ukraine, she’s one of the only Russian oligarchs that isn’t on the sanctions list from the United States.  Isn’t that interesting?  There are all sorts of things like this that we have now gotten factual evidence of.”

Coincidentally, since Joe has been in office, we’re regularly sending billions of dollars in aid and arms to Ukraine, while our economy wreaths from “Bidenomics,” inflation, rising interest rates, and employment jitters.

Gasoline is heading back to $5 a gallon as Joe wags his finger and angrily scolds us to “Name one thing that isn’t better than it was?”

Come on, man, you know the list is longer than one thing.  Sell that nonsense to someone who’s been living under a rock.

What’s the use, Joe, or Robert Peters, or Robin Ware, or JRB Ware, or Agent 007, or whoever he’s calling himself these days, probably couldn’t comprehend our answer, anyway.

Besides, Joe has more important things to do.  He doesn’t have time to mess with this foolishness.  Gotta jet to Lake Tahoe before it gets cold.

Climate change is coming.  I think it’s called Autumn.

In the meantime, he unexpectedly took a few hours out of his hectic schedule to visit the fire-ravaged Hawaiian Island of Maui.

Over two weeks ago, the Maui community of Lahaina was nearly totally destroyed by a rapidly moving wildfire.  The circumstances of the fire and its failed efforts to extinguish are under review.

Reportedly, there are over a hundred dead and almost a thousand still missing.  11,000 people have been displaced, and at least 2,200 buildings destroyed.  Estimated damages caused by the inferno are over $5 billion.

A horrific tragedy. 

At the time, Joe was on one of his many vacations.  He’d get to Hawaii when he could.

To date, he still hasn’t toured East Palestine, Ohio, another town severely impacted by a large chemical train derailment last year.  Not enough votes there, I suppose. 

After reviewing the destruction, he reminded the folks in Maui he once had a small kitchen fire in his home that could have spread and endangered his precious ’67 Corvette.

The same Corvette garage where pirated government documents were stored.

Good grief, what a ridiculous comparison and insult to the residents of Maui.  

Joe’s present state of confusion isn’t something new.  Remember, he’s told us he was raised in a Puerto Rican community, attended a Black church, graduated near the top of his class in law school, and COVID was a disease of the unvaccinated – among other whoppers.

His whole life has been a series of lies and twisted truths.  Including, the time he had to drop out of an earlier presidential campaign because he was exposed stealing/plagiarizing someone else’s material.   

Adding to the commotion, it’s a mystery to me why Bud Light purchases are plummeting with all the lunacy going on in Washington.  If there was ever a time Anheuser-Busch should be setting sales records, I think it would be while Joe’s in office.

What better reason to take up drinking?  Or, drinking more.  It’s enough to shake the sobriety of the most faithful member of Alcoholics Anonymous!

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.