Seven reasons you should watch non-profit webinars regularly

As a fundraiser, investing your time in certain things can impact the result, you will eventually get from your fundraising drives. While there are a lot of activities that can be engaged, the focus here is webinars. A webinar is, more or less, a seminar held over the web, and we shall specifically be looking at non-profit webinars. So, why should you watch non-profit webinars regularly? – This is the question to which we will be doing justice in the following discourse.

Tapping into expert knowledge

Non-profit webinars are prepared to spread knowledge that can be useful to fundraisers in the nearest future. As such, the major reason you should watch them is to tap into the knowledge reservoir of the facilitators or presenters. Some of these individuals are veterans with a wealth of experience in the fundraising sector.

You will certainly add to your learning by regularly watching a non-profit webinar. That said, you should ensure that you tune in to webinars that deliver quality to consolidate what you already know about fundraising or non-profit commitment. 

Staying updated on the latest development

No non-profit grows by holding on to outdated information or trends. There is a need to keep tabs on the latest development in the fundraising industry. As it were, technology keeps impacting – albeit largely positively – how things are done. So, one must stay close to individuals who are advanced in knowledge [and experience].

Against this backdrop, you may have to keep watching informative webinars. Industry experts see webinars as one of the resources through which they can share new ideas on the techniques and methods that non-profits can adopt. Hence, you may miss a great deal if you neglect watching webinars.

Encourages better interaction

One of the most notable advantages of webinars is that they encourage better interaction between participants and the host/speakers. This is especially true of live (webinar) sessions. Nevertheless, you can still engage the host through the chat feature made available after watching the recording of a non-profit webinar.

The fallout of such interactions – whether it’s private chat with the facilitator or group discussions with participants – can be very useful to your cause. You can take this as one bonus that comes with watching non-profit webinars regularly.

Opportunity to grow your networks

Solid partnerships have helped many non-profit organizations climb up the ladder in the fundraising industry. Some of these partnerships can trigger through avenues you rarely think of – webinars being one. Webinars allow you to build and expand your network. Here is one of the ways your interaction with others on the non-profit webinar platform can deliver some benefits.

Collaborating with other fundraising professionals will be much easier with a good network. And you can leverage this to achieve more outstanding results in your organizational activities. Attending informative non-profit webinars can put your organization on a positive growth trajectory.

Relatively cost-effective

We can simply not overlook the cost-effective benefits associated with webinars. For one, they are readily available and can be easily accessed by anyone interested in watching them. Secondly, you can get several high-quality and educative non-profit webinars at relatively low cost – and some are even free. 

You do not necessarily have to spend on transportation or accommodation to go to conferences to learn about fundraising with non-profit webinars available. Watching them regularly is a viable way to grow your knowledge without breaking the bank. So, make good use of the opportunity you’ve got and watch as many non-profit webinars as possible.

Convenience and flexibility

Webinars take nothing from you – except some bucks, maybe – to watch. They are provided over virtual space, so you do not have to leave your home or office to get them. A few clicks on your keyboard will deliver the webinar you want to watch without hassles.

The flexibility side of things is also worth harping on. Some fundraising platforms have made learning through webinars self-paced. This means it can be tailored to meet your schedules – without clashing with your regular work hours. Moreover, you can always watch the recordings of any live webinars you missed later.

Improved learning experience

The whole essence of watching non-profit webinars is to increase learning. “No man is an island,” remember? Therefore, spending more time watching instructional videos won’t be a wasted effort. That said, from all that has been discussed, it is apparent that you will not remain the same with a consistent exploration of non-profit webinars.

You will certainly become more knowledgeable about different fundraising concepts as you feed on the information from highly experienced instructors. Furthermore, the interactions with your (fundraising) peers – made possible through the webinar attendance – can greatly enrich you. 

This improved learning experience can hugely influence your fundraising endeavors thereafter. This is why you must incorporate the strategies communicated in the webinars into your system. You can even go ahead to impart the knowledge to your employees and communicate better with the directors at the organizations.


Non-profit webinars are not just another video; they are largely instructional materials loaded with salient information. Some platforms present participants with certificates after they must have completed watching specific webinar series. That should tell you how relevant webinars can be to the fundraising community – it is a good investment.

Furthermore, it would be best if you took the time to watch them intentionally. Take away the distinctive forces, get your pen and note to jot some things, and extract vital information. Once you have finished watching every webinar, you should digest what you have gotten from the session and apply what you’ve learned. 

This might look tasking at first, but the attainable benefits should motivate you to give it a go. Plus, your non-profit organization’s growth may depend on regularly exploring non-profit webinars. The internet – platforms like Donorbox, WildApricot, Qgiv, etc. have got you covered – is loaded with these webinars, and you shouldn’t hesitate to access them right about now.