Pima residents can now put dump loads at the curb to be picked up by the town for Community Pride Days

Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald

Staff Reports

PIMA – Community Pride Days, where residents of Safford, Thatcher, and Pima are allowed to take one free residential load to the Safford Regional Landfill, was Oct. 26 – 31, but residents of the town of Pima were encouraged by the town to not place their trash out until Nov. 1 to avoid problems with trick-or-treaters on Halloween. 

The town of Pima will be picking up the trash at the curb for its residents Nov. 4 – 8 for the Community Pride Days. Be sure to take advantage of this great service the town provides. 

Just simply place your landfill-acceptable material (that means no hazardous wastes, paint, tires, and such) at the curb. The only request from the town is that residents separate green waste such as branches and yard clippings from the metal or plastic material.

That’s right, the town of Pima encourages its residents to place their dump material at the curb and let the town’s employees haul it to the dump for you for Community Pride Days.

Pima Town Manager Sean Lewis began the pickup program during Community Pride Days last year and said it not only assists a number of residents in cleaning up their yards but is also cost-effective for the town.

“I think it helps out the citizens tremendously,” Lewis previously said. “That line at the dump gets ridiculous. On top of that, it saves us money in the long run.” 

“I think it’s great . . . Some people don’t have trucks, and some people don’t have strong backs to go load and unload everything, so there’s no reason in the world that we shouldn’t do it. If we’re trying to clean up the town, why not support people in doing it?”