Pima holds third annual Easter Extravaganza

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Herald: The Easter Bunny was on hand to greet those in attendance. Here, from left, Aralynn and Dannika Ray take a picture for a keepsake.

By Jon Johnson


PIMA – Events are back in Pima!

That was the message from the town of Pima during its third annual Easter Extravaganza. 

Jon Johnson Video/Gila Herald

Yes, the event was hastily arranged and came a week after the Easter holiday, but for Pima Town Council member Sherrill Teeter, Town Manager Sean Lewis, Mayor C.B. Fletcher, and Vice Mayor Dale Rogers, it was important to hold and let the area know that town events are back after having been put on hold for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I’m a strong believer in our community,” said organizer Teeter. “I believe in our kids. Anything for the kids, I’m going to try my best to finish it. Plus, we’re trying to get back to normal.”

Pima wasn’t able to hold the event last year due to COVID-19 restrictions and instead passed out the already candy-filled eggs during a first responder parade.

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Herald: A youngster collects an Easter egg.

While this year wasn’t able to have its rodeo or games as in the past and turnout was less than in previous years, organizers hustled to make the event happen and place 7,000 plastic eggs filled with candy and toys on two separate ball fields. The Easter Bunny was also on hand for pictures – to the enjoyment of many and the chagrin of a couple of youngsters.

There was also a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon, provided for free and cooked and dished out by volunteers and town council members.   

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Herald: A free breakfast including pancakes and scrambled eggs was provided for those in attendance.

Those ages newborn to six gathered eggs on one ballfield and those 7-14 gathered on a second field. Teeter advised that she and a couple of volunteers had spread the eggs onto the fields the previous night.  

There were also four special prize eggs that gave away two bikes and two Razer scooters donated by Pima Police Chief Diane Cauthen. 

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Herald: The Easter Bunny presents a bike to Skye Martinez, 2, and a scooter to Jacob Rolando.

Cauthen said she could have either purchased a part for her Jeep or bought the prizes for the children and thought the latter to be more rewarding. 

On the younger children’s field, Skye Martinez, 2, won the bike and Jacob Rolando won the scooter. On the older children’s field, Brysen Spitali, 6, won the bike and Efren Hernandez, 11, won the scooter.

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Herald: In the older children bracket, from left, Brysen Spitali, 6, won a bike, and Efren Hernandez, 11, won a scooter.

“I’m hoping next year to go back to the normal with the crafts and the games and the little mini rodeo that turns into a big rodeo because we want to keep this going,” Teeter said.

The next Pima event will be during the Fourth of July holiday and is expected to be highly anticipated. 

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Herald: Not everyone was ready to visit the Easter Bunny.

“We want our Fourth of July to be our huge kickoff we’re done with COVID,” Teeter said. 

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