Pima celebrates ribbon cutting of Pima Town Hall Complex

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Herald: Pima Mayor Brian Paull, left, and Vice Mayor Sherrill Teeter, right, prepare to cut the ribbon on the Pima Town Hall Complex on Tuesday night.

By Jon Johnson


PIMA – Local dignitaries past and present were on hand in Pima on Tuesday night to join with residents of the town to celebrate the ribbon cutting for its Pima Town Hall Complex at 110 W. Center St. 

Jon Johnson Photo//Gila Herald: The new town hall is in the old Justice of the Peace District 2 building.

The new town hall is in what used to be the Justice of the Peace District 2 building. Graham County left the building this year after consolidating its Precinct 1 and 2 courts into the Precinct 1 building in Safford at the Graham County Courthouse. The move reportedly saves the county $120,000 per year. 

With the building vacant, Pima opted to move its town hall over to the larger facility. Pima Public Works Director Jimmie Lofgreen and other town employees remodeled the courtroom to use as a meeting space for the Pima Town Council, Pima Town Planning and Zoning Committee, and others. They also remodeled the entryway and repurposed the former judge’s bench to use as a countertop. Other existing offices are being retrofitted for the town employees, including Pima Town Manager Vernon Batty and Town Clerk Cody Marshall. 

The former town hall will possibly be utilized by the Pima Police Department, which has its main facility directly behind the building.

The ribbon-cutting was organized by the Graham County Chamber of Commerce and featured a variety of tasty cupcakes from Kam’s Cakes and Bakes as a treat for those in attendance. 

Jon Johnson Photo//Gila Herald: Kam’s Cakes and Bakes supplied cupcakes as refreshments.

The town also handed out raffle tickets and raffled off some sweet town swag, including water bottles, hats, and hoodies, all with the town’s trademark, and more. 

Prior to the ribbon cutting, Graham County Supervisor Paul David expressed his thoughts on the town’s upward movement.

Jon Johnson Photo//Gila Herald: Graham County Supervisor Paul David, left, chats with Pima Council Member C.B. Fletcher.

“What a blessing,” he said. “Pima is growing beautifully . . . Pima does wonderful things with what little they have in the way of finances.”

Safford City Council Member Arnold Lopez said the new building will help serve the town through its cooperation with other government entities and officials. 

Jon Johnson Photo//Gila Herald: Those in attendance cheer as the ribbon is cut to the new Pima Town Hall Complex.

“I care for Pima a whole lot and I certainly like to have partnerships with you so we can all work together and that’s what takes place here,” Lopez said. 

Graham County Supervisor John Howard’s district includes the Pima area and he is a common sight at town council meetings. He said he has been amazed at the amount of growth the town has had in the short time he has been in office. 

“The enthusiasm that you guys have is second to none,” Howard said. “I just see good things happening.”

Jon Johnson Photo//Gila Herald: Pima Town Manager Vernon Batty, left, and Town Clerk Cody Marshall raffle off some Pima swag with the help of Vernon’s daughter, Layla Batty.