Physicals slated for 2020-21 Morenci student-athletes

Raymundo Frasquillo Photo/Gila Herald: Junior Nicolas Patterson prepares himself mentally before lifting weights during summer workouts.

By Raymundo Frasquillo

MORENCI – Physicals for Morenci student-athletes planning on participating in sports this school year are scheduled from 9 a.m. through 4 p.m. on Monday, July 27.

“The A.I.A. grandfathered in students who participated last year and they will not need to have one for this year,” said Morenci Athletic Director Frank Ogas. “Only those not taking part last year or those transferring in need to get a physical.”

Raymundo Frasquillo Photo/Gila Herald: Sophomore Alicia Cruz negotiated the second obstacle in the Lawson Stadium field-long course to conclude the week’s workouts in Morenci.

More than 60 student-athletes worked out during the eight-week June-July break. They did so for seven weeks, getting the last week off “to go be kids,” said Casey Woodall.

Five 40-minute morning sessions, with individual sessions for the different grade levels, freshmen through seniors, and junior high members, were held. They worked out in the temperature-controlled weight room Mondays through Thursdays, distanced apart at several stations, and en mass distanced apart outdoors in Lawson Stadium on Fridays. A variety of exercises, along with agility drills, were done each day targeting different muscles.

These off-season workouts differed from previous years. Students’ individual temperatures were checked before each session’s start and attendees wore face coverings indoors. Additionally, sanitizing equipment was used and physical distancing was both stressed and required of all participants. Alcohol-laced wipes or aerosol spray cans were available.

Raymundo Frasquillo Photo/Gila Herald: Sixth-grader Isac Contreras was one of several student-athletes who participated in Morenci off-season workouts.

Woodall, Matthew Castillo, Joseph Garcia, and Travis Torres were the adults assisting students with the workouts.

The district’s first day of classes is July 29, in a distance learning mode.

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