Observant agents seize hearse attempting to smuggle six migrants

Contributed Photo/Courtesy U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Tucson sector agents stopped a suspicious vehicle in an area known for drug smuggling and undocumented migrants. 

Contributed Article/Courtesy U.S. Customs and Border Protection

TUCSON – Tucson Border Patrol agents observed an out-of-the-ordinary vehicle near the border and arrested two United States citizens accused of transporting six undocumented individuals Thursday afternoon. 

At approximately 11 p.m., agents operating the Tucson Sector camera system observed a vehicle acting suspiciously in an area known for human and drug smuggling approximately one mile north of the border near Sasabe, Arizona.

An agent on patrol encountered and believing the vehicle was involved in smuggling, stopped the vehicle approximately four miles north of the border on State Route 286.  Upon approaching the vehicle, the agent observed individuals in camouflage clothing lying in the back. 

The driver and front-seat passenger were placed under arrest for human smuggling and six migrants admitted to being in the United States illegally.

The hearse was seized per Tucson Sector guidelines.