NuraTrue Pro: An earbud worth switching to

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Nura: The NuraTrue Pro earbuds have some of the best sound quality currently available.

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – The NuraTrue Pro earbuds from Nura are expensive ($329) but with 40 hours of battery life (8 earbuds/32 charging case) robust Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and the fact that they simply sound better than the earbuds you’re currently using, for those that can afford it these are definitely a pair to have.

The NuraTrue Pro utilizes the same patterned “personalized sound” found in other Nura products, including the NuraPhone, NuraLoop, and NuraTrue, but it utilizes an included USB-A to USB-C charging cable instead of a proprietary charging cable, which was appreciative to see.  

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Nura: The NuraTrue Pro earbuds are the new flagship product for Nura.

While the NuraTrue Pro is more expensive than rivals Apple AirPods Pro 2 ($249), Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro ($229), and Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 ($299), only the Bose come close to the sound quality of the NuraTrue Pro. 

The NuraTrue Pro is designed to fit inside one’s ear canal as the exterior circle then allows the user to twist the earbuds securely in place, forming a seal necessary for optimal performance. When done so, and after one goes through the app to personalize the sound, there are few earbuds around that can replicate that sound. 

We put the earbuds to the test, checking wind resistance while riding a bicycle (good fit with a bike helmet and when seated correctly no wind sound), and seeing just how loud we’d have to turn it up until the sound of a vacuum while cleaning the offices couldn’t be heard. Gratefully, we didn’t have to max out the volume as the active noise canceling (ANC) feature performed nicely and as Mick Jagger’s voice got gradually louder, the vacuum disappeared completely.

These buds stayed in place during physical exertion, and have an IPX4 water rating.

These are premium earbuds and they feel and look that way straight from the packaging. They come with four pairs of silicone tips to find the correct size, and the buds only fit one way into the charging case and click into place confidently. I can’t say how much this is an appreciated feature, and the little charging lights let the user know the status of the earbuds.

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Nura

The earbuds have wear detection, so if you remove one from your ear it will stop, they feature touch controls that are programmable and feature lossless CD-quality audio support.  

I did a real-world charging test from completing drained to full and the buds took about an hour. 

The NuraTrue Pro earbuds are priced at $329 and are available from the Nura website

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Nura: The NuraTrue Pro earbuds