Morenci hosts Bisbee to complete volleyball region slate

Morenci’s volleyball team hosts Bisbee for a region contest Thursday, Oct. 29. The pairing completes the regular season for the Wildcats. The six-member starting line-up plus libero is expected to be Devanie Medina, Candace Forgach-Aguilar, Amaya Sanchez, Mia Ontiveros, Juliauna Forgach-Aguilar, Lanea Leonard, and Jadyn Aguilera.

By Raymundo Frasquillo

MORENCI – The Rhyanna Mennen-coached Morenci volleyball team hosts Bisbee to complete its region schedule Thursday, Oct. 29. The other East Region pairings on the same date are Benson at Pima and Tombstone at Willcox.

The Wildcats’ region wins have been 3-0 over the Pumas in Bisbee (Sept. 29), 3-1 over the Yellow Jackets in Tombstone (Oct. 6), 3-0 over the Cowgirls in Willcox (Oct. 13), 3-0 over Willcox (Oct. 20), and 3-1 over the Bobcats in Benson (Oct. 27).

Morenci’s region losses have been 1-3 to Pima (Oct. 1), 2-3 to Benson (Oct. 8), and 0-3 to the Roughriders in Pima (Oct. 15).

Bisbee has 3-1 wins over Tombstone (Oct. 1) and over the Cowgirls in Willcox (Oct. 8) along with 3-0 wins over the Yellow Jackets in Tombstone (Oct. 15) and over Willcox (Oct. 27). 

The Pumas’ losses have been 0-3 to Morenci (Sept. 29), 1-3 to the Bobcats in Benson (Oct. 6), 0-3 to Pima (Oct. 13), 0-3 to the Roughriders in Pima (Oct. 20), and 0-3 to Benson (Oct. 22).

An 11-member Morenci roster has seniors Candace Forgach-Aguilar, Jadyn Aguilera, Lanea Leonard, and Amaya Sanchez; juniors Juliauna Forgach-Aguilar, Rayla Funari, Viviana Mendez-Draper, and Devanie Medina; sophomores Celina Manuz and Mia Ontiveros; and freshman Alizabeth Aguilar.

Rhyanna Mennen is in her fifth season of coaching the Wildcats.

The six-team East Region has Pima first (9-0), Benson second (6-3), Morenci third (6-3), Bisbee fourth (4-5), Tombstone fifth (1-8), and Willcox sixth (1-8).

Pima is ranked fifth (12-2 overall, 10.9511 rating), Benson 12th (8-4, 4.6578), Morenci 14th (7-4, 4.4737), Bisbee 20th (6-6, 0.4275), Tombstone 25th (2-9, minus 4.0155), and Willcox 29th (2-11, minus 6.7676) at the state level as of Oct. 28.