Local First Arizona launches small business relief fund

Initial Sponsors include Salt River Project and Jack Pfister Support Fund

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PHOENIX – As Congress today passes a federal Coronavirus relief package, Local First Arizona launches a new initiative that will provide immediate financial relief to Arizona’s microenterprises with mini-grants to cover costs like employee payroll and rent. Immediate cash flow, not loans, will keep the backbone of the Arizona economy afloat and looking forward to a stronger tomorrow.

“It’s a devastating and uncertain time to be a small business owner in Arizona,” said Local First Arizona Founder Kimber Lanning. “Everything you love is on the line, but the community you’re ingrained in is still at top of mind. We are echoing the voices of small businesses across the state: debt is not a solution for our smallest businesses. We ask others to join us, the health of our local economy and state depends on it.”

Any individual or company interested in helping family-owned businesses can contribute to the fund at www.localfirstaz.com/small-business-relief-fund. On a rolling basis, regional review panels form northern, central, and southern Arizona made up of local business owners will review applications.

“As a small business, we have very low cash buffers which leave us facing a race against the financial battle for survival,” said Pop Cycle’s co-owners DeeDee Koenen, Shannon Riggs, and Jennifer Radler in Tucson.

Business Qualifications For Assistance:

  • 0-3 employees
  • Less than $250,000 in annual revenue (approximately $35k-$45k in net profits)
  • Priority will be placed on business owners with children under 18 at home
  • Families reliant on the business as their sole income
  • Only one application per business will be accepted for the Small Business Relief Fund.

SRP’s sponsorship will benefit small businesses in the areas they service. Additional sponsors include local business Iconic Cocktail Co. and others.

Learn more about other ways to support local businesses here.

Consumers hoping to support our small businesses directly can find the latest deals here.

About Local First Arizona

Founded in 2003 by Kimber Lanning, Local First Arizona (LFA) is a community and economic development organization working to strengthen local economies. LFA educates consumers about the interconnectedness of the economy, trains small businesses to be more effective and more competitive, helps larger Arizona businesses and institutions tell their story as champions of Arizona, and creates programs and events that make it fun and easy to discover local businesses and buy local. Visit www.localfirstaz.com for more information and a directory of more than 3,000 locally owned businesses.  

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