Letter to the Editor: What’s up with the stimulus checks?

Dear Editor:

Ever wonder the logic of the federal government sending tax-free COVID stimulus checks to virtually anyone with a bank account or mailing address, but to file your 2020 income tax forms you have to provide proof and documentation of name, address, occupation, family members, evidence of income and approved deductions in order to qualify for a refund? 

The obvious question is why?  If the feds are willing to hand out trillions of dollars to practically anyone living within the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, then why are we required to endure the annual expense and torture of April 15?

Why not just simply send a bonus check to everyone and skip all the nonsense?  Since it’s now apparent there is no rhyme or reason to the IRS’ “voluntary compliance” with their room-full of incomprehensible tax regulations, let’s dispense with all the phony rigamarole and admit in an era of constant deficit spending, the debt means nothing because the money means nothing – other than what the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve System determine what it’s worth on any given day.  

Need more proof?  Who’d ever thought a mass-produced pickup truck would cost more than $50,000 or a single scoop of soft ice cream is now about two bucks or more?

What we use for money is barely worth the paper it’s printed on.  So, in Washington’s mindset, why not print a few extra trillion dollars to pay for last week’s financial boondoggles? Another advantage of the modern printing press – and automated computer ledger account entries.  Who needs a stable monetary system when paper and ink can do the same thing?

At least until we need a pickup truck full of the stuff to buy a couple of Happy Meals.

Mike Bibb – Safford    

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