Letter to the Editor: Reader suggests new vote rules

Gila Herald File Photo

Dear Editor:

Here’s a suggestion to help slow voting irregularities:  Get back to in-person and absentee voting only. 

Permit unbiased Icelanders to count the ballots.  No more same-day voter registration, mass mail-ins, COVID excuses, traffic delays, bad weather or other nonsense to justify an individual’s lack of responsibility to get to the polls on election day.

By the way, also require a valid form of identification.  For newly arrived southern transits, an expired ICE citation or a note from your uncle in El Salvador is only good for 90 days.  After that, a picture of you and various drug cartel members standing in front of Trump’s Wall must be presented as proof of citizenship.  Keep it fair – register as many immigrant Republicans and Independents as Democrats and Socialists.

Yeah, I know, such convoluted reasoning is probably racist.  Undoubtedly, the result of my family’s 400 year “white privilege” in America.

Mike Bibb – Safford

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