Know Your Candidates: Pima Town Council

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Herald: Current council member Brian Paull would like your vote to remain on the Pima Town Council.

This is the 13th installment of the Gila Herald’s candidate series for the council races for Safford, Thatcher, and Pima, and features Brian Paull, incumbent candidate for the Pima Town Council. Early voting for the Aug. 2 primary has begun.  

Third in our series is the town of Pima, which has four candidates vying for two council seats up for election. The candidates include incumbents Dale Rogers and Brian Paull, as well as newcomers Teresa Bailey and Jed Bigler looking to make the cut. Each candidate was given the opportunity to provide their own editorial and picture. This is the third installment of the Pima series and features Brian Paull.

Pima Town Council – Brian Paull

I was raised most of my life in Tucson and graduated from Flowing Wells High school and then the University of Arizona in 2010 with my PharmD degree.  I began my career in hospitals for the Indian Health Service (IHS) within the US Public Health Service.  After several years I switched to retail and have been working locally ever since.

My wife, Angela Goodman, is a Safford native with deep roots in the Gila Valley.  We have been married 19 years and have 8 children.  After my time in the IHS and having lived in several different places, we realized that Pima is our home and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  We love the beauty of the desert and doing everything possible outdoors

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Angela Paull: Brian Paull would like your vote for the Pima Town Council.

Not only am I a resident of Pima, but I am a local business owner in Pima as well.  I opened my pharmacy last year specifically in Pima because I wanted to help our community and I really believe Pima deserves more than it currently has to offer. 

I am seeking election to Pima Town Council. have been on the Pima Town Council since March of 2022 when I was appointed after a seat became vacant.  I’m hoping that I can continue to fill this position and continue the current projects that are happening. 

I really think the children and the youth of our town have a great future and hope to keep moving forward with the recreational projects that are happening.  I also hope to continue the progression of the infrastructure including road repair and maintenance.  I want to let the citizens of our great town know that I have their best interest at heart and am willing to lend an ear to whatever they want or need to discuss to help make our town even greater.