Is Arizona gearing up for more casino licenses? Here’s what you need to know

Arizona’s casino and gambling industry has been a topic of intrigue regarding its history and economic advantage over other states. Many are left with questions about this year’s legislative movements and the consensus of further expanding this industry. All centered around Arizona’s readiness to evolve and scale up for growth.

This article will discuss all you need to know about Arizona’s relationship with the gambling industry and what these new movements mean for you and the evolving market.

The rich history of gambling

Arizona wasn’t always tied with the industry since the Old West. But with the current landscape and pioneering businesses that started in the 1980s. Arizona’s economic landscape has drastically changed, along with strong community relationships with Native American tribes. It was eventually leading the way to its lush casino vibe and robust market for newer platforms like FanDuel Casino and other new-generation casinos.

Native American roots

The industry’s relationship with Native American tribes has paved the way for building more casino establishments while benefiting tribes with constant revenue flow. As well as possessing mutually beneficial and well-regulated agreements observed by the state of Arizona.

As for the new licenses, this move has been brought by the state’s legislators, seeing potential growth in other gambling categories. For example, Senate Bill 1797 allowed operations in sports betting, fantasy sports, keno games, and other betting games in Arizona. Seeing an economic boost and willingness to expand further. Which brings us here in 2023 with whispers of maximizing the already prosperous industry.

New players to enter the competition

New licenses mean new competition, which is expected in this new regulation. Gaming companies wanting to expand their scope to Arizona would only need to pay a $100,000 initial fee and potentially another $750,000 to a million dollars, depending on the approval process. |

Regulators think the fees are not that expensive and too low to crowd the applications. Especially if you consider that most companies leading the interest are:

  • New digital gambling platforms
  • Hosting sports games and virtual poker tables
  • Bringing in millions in revenue regularly

Nevertheless, the new application process will put companies under heavy scrutiny to ensure regulations are met and place only the proper companies in the market. The application process started way back and is expected to end on Aug. 15 for screening and the next steps.

Potential for new licenses and other concerns

We only have statements and no concrete evidence of whether the state would approve the new decision. Several critical factors in Arizona may change, affecting the potential future of this expansion for the state and its people.

Economic growth potential

Similar to New Jersey’s economic success with gambling. New operating licenses in Arizona would mean higher employment and economic rates in the state, especially in underdeveloped and impoverished areas where new work opportunities are needed.


New buildings mean more reasons to visit. Casinos have been a significant attraction to tourists in any given city, so these new licenses could boost the local economy and encourage more investors.

Controlled and well-regulated casino environment

More opportunities for legal casino operations means well-regulated experience. This could also encourage investors to legalize their operations and reduce illegal gambling schemes.

The opposition

As mentioned, not everyone agrees with the potential expansion of the industry. Concerns have been raised about potential social issues like addiction, crime rate, and the effect on its existing establishments, especially tribal casinos. These concerns shape the final decision of the legislation, and balancing it out is a critical task for political heads of the state.

What it means for you

If you are a business owner, this might be an excellent opportunity to get close to the latest updates as the progress on acquiring new licenses becomes apparent. Should it be open to new competitors, it would be best to stay prepared with their requirements and scrutiny to have a competitive advantage in this new venture.

On the other hand, players and gambling enthusiasts may see this as an opportunity to play more in Arizona. Should there be new developments in the coming future, you could gain more access to different gambling experiences and elevate your enjoyment.

Final thoughts

The question about Arizona’s acquisition of new operating licenses is not a walk in the park. This drive involves considerations of many factors, especially in the state’s history, economic goals, and societal values. And while it remains uncertain, what is clear is that Arizona is considering many roads in gambling and improving its economy.

And whatever updates will come out in the next few months will shape their gambling industry and present new opportunities and challenges. The stakes are high, but they are burdened behind the walls of complexity. Understanding these dynamics will be vital for those looking to seize the chance to be part of Arizona’s exciting future.