Intoxicated man allegedly exposes himself at hospital

A man blamed his affliction of restless leg syndrome for his actions at the hospital that ended with police intervention.

Blames restless leg syndrome for actions

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – An intoxicated man contributed his actions while being treated at Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center (MGRMC), which allegedly included exposing himself, to his affliction of restless leg syndrome (RLS).

Officers were dispatched to the hospital Sunday, April 1, at about 4 p.m. regarding a patient who wouldn’t stay in his room. Hospital staff reported the patient was walking around the halls, going into rooms he didn’t have any business being in and lifting his hospital gown up to expose himself. 

According to WebMD, RLS is a disorder of the part of the nervous system that causes an urge to move the legs. Because it usually interferes with sleep, it is also considered a sleep disorder.

People with RLS have an irresistible urge to move their legs to relieve uncomfortable sensations, according to WebMD.

An officer met with the patient, who denied wandering around the hospital. The patient then said he had RLS and can’t keep still or control his movements.

The officer informed the patient that he had to stay in his bed and not cause any more issues while waiting for test results so he could be released. The officer advised the patient that if he could not do so, he would be handcuffed to the bed.

The patient agreed to not get up again and there was no further incident.