How to plan a budget-friendly home renovation

Photo by Paulo Felipe Assis on Unsplash

We all know that our houses need a few updates from time to time. Whether it’s because something needs to be fixed, you need something refreshing, or simply want to upgrade your home, renovations can be expensive. Luckily, there are budget-friendly home renovation projects, and here are some ideas to get you started. These few ideas will help you breathe new life into your home. 

Insulation where needed

The first great idea is to insulate your home. Summers are hotter and winters are colder, and to save up energy, you need good insulation. So, a great place to start with budget-friendly renovations is to check which parts of your house need insulation. You can cover the entire home, or simply insulate the basement or the attic. If you are unsure where to start, here you can find valuable information on types of insulation and how to protect your home best. Plus, insulation will add value to your home, as you are making it more energy efficient. Since this project is for the entire house, once you do it, you can go room by room and look for places to upgrade. 

Minor kitchen upgrades

It is obvious that this is the room that is valued the most on the market. So, if you’d like to upgrade your home, but still be on the budget, here are a few things to do in the kitchen:

  • Repaint the cabinets – a new coat of paint on cabinets can transform the space and provide a new vibe to the kitchen; especially if you pick a vibrant color. 
  • Add backsplash – adding a backsplash is a great idea if you don’t have one. It’s useful and it can save you from water damage; and if you have one, maybe you can pick a new color of tiles to make the kitchen pop. 
  • Search for appliance deals – another inexpensive way to upgrade the kitchen is to look for new appliances and look for deals. A new cooktop, microwave, and even a fridge and make the kitchen functional and energy-efficient.

Great bathroom upgrades

The next space to pay attention to is the bathroom. Every homeowner will value the home by the bathroom, so you should make a few changes visually and functionally. There are a few things you can do including:

  • Freshening up the walls – a new color on the walls will bring a new atmosphere into your bathroom. Better yet, if you are bored with those white tiles, maybe it’s time to pick a new vibrant hue that will make the space interesting. 
  • Refinishing instead of replacing – instead of replacing the tub and the sink, it is cheaper to get them refinished. This way, any cracks or nicks in the ceramics can be taken care of and these pieces will look brand new and functional again. 
  • Repainting the cabinets – additionally, you can repaint the cabinets here, too. Pick a new color, or simply add a fresh coat to the existing one. Plus, you can replace the hardware with a brand-new shine. 

Fix up the living room

The living room is another area that needs to be refreshed from time to time. However, buying new furniture can be expensive. So, if you’d like to stay on the budget maybe pay attention to some of these:

  • Rearrange the furniture – sometimes, simply moving furniture around can open up the space and completely change the atmosphere. Maybe your couch looks better when facing the window or you can find a layout that leaves more room. 
  • Repaint this room, too – you can pick a new shade for your living room and transform it completely. Plus, you can create an accent wall where you keep the TV and pick a bold color that will open up the space and transform the room in just a few minutes. 
  • Update the flooring – if your floors are old, maybe it’s time to give them a new chance. If the wood is still healthy, you can simply buff the floors and give them a new protective coat. On the other hand, if the wood is old and chipped, maybe it’s best to replace it. And once all that’s done, you can find a new area rug in a color that will complement the accent wall and tie the look together with ease. 

Home renovation projects can be expensive. However, if you focus on the little things, such as paint, furnishing, and layout, you can achieve a whole new interior look with minimal investments.