Editorial: No idea where dope came from

Column By Mike Bibb

Well, looks like the fix was in.  Should have expected as much when we were told early into the cocaine caper that we may never learn who hauled a baggie of blow into the White House. 

In less than two weeks – with all the investigative and video surveillance available – the Secret Service confessed it has no idea how the stuff managed to get inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Then it determined the case was “closed due to a lack of physical evidence.” 

What?  How is this possible?  The investigation seems more of a cover-up than an uncover.

The White House is the most guarded and protected structure in the United States.  A gnat can’t randomly fly inside without being detected.

Yet, somehow, an ordinary plastic sandwich bag containing cocaine powder was discovered within the home.

There were – we’re assured – no fingerprints, DNA, or any other useful evidence found on the item. 

Apparently, no video footage, either. 

Clean as a whistle. 

After only ten days of researching, the Secret Service’s admission is beginning to smell like three-day-old fish.

Obviously, the coke worked its way into the White House – the only question is how did it get there? 

I suspect, certain officials know, but remain mute on the issue.  After all, Hunter’s experience with drugs is universally recognized – self-videoed antics from his abandoned laptop can be seen all over various cable news outlets.

Probably, social media, too.

Actually, he was discharged from the Navy Reserve because of his drug habits.

Hunter and dope are nothing new.  Consequently, the Secret Service’s unusually quick findings of no viable evidence linking him, or anyone, to the baggie of snow, stretches credibility.

This has to be one of the speediest criminal resolutions in Secret Service history. 

Unfortunately, the integrity of the Secret Service is beginning to drift into discredited regions occupied by the FBI.

What next, the case will be sealed for 60 years, like the JFK assassination?  

The Secret Service’s decision is remarkably similar to former FBI Director James Comey’s July 2016, declaration regarding Hillary Clinton’s destruction of over 30,000 emails, many classified, when he announced “Although there is evidence of potential violations regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

To borrow a comparable observation from Hillary’s husband, Bill, I guess Comey’s opinion would depend upon what the definition of “reasonable” is since Title 18 of the U.S. Criminal Code apparently doesn’t matter.  

To date – seven years later – no charges have been brought against Hillary.  Now, if they were, she could argue the statute of limitations has expired.

Oh boy, you can’t make this stuff up!

There’s more to the current cocaine fiasco.  Apparently, this is the third time illicit drugs have been discovered inside the White House since the Biden’s have occupied it.

According to recent reports, evidence of marijuana was found twice previously last fall, but kept quiet – “The Secret Service discovered small amounts of marijuana at the executive mansion last year in addition to the cocaine found in the West Wing earlier this month, a spokesman confirmed to The Post Thursday.” – New York Post, July 13, 2023.

The plot thickens.

The immediate concern becomes if Hunter is not the likely suspect, then who is?  

To the best of my knowledge, a container of cocaine is not capable of slipping into the inner sanctum of the “People’s House” by itself.  It had to have been carried in by someone or something.

Moreover, that someone or something would have been exposed to Secret Service questioning and video monitoring.  

Everyone and everything – including deliveries – entering and exiting the White House is examined and videoed.

Since the coke wasn’t found during Christmas time, we can probably rule out Santa Clause as a suspect.

However, it was discovered shortly after the big Gay Pride Festival held on the White House premises during the month of June.

Coincidence?  Maybe, maybe not.

Occurring about the same time is Hunter’s upcoming tax and gun plea bargain to be decided by a federal judge.

You may remember, he was charged with failing to file and pay income taxes for several years, in addition to a felony charge of falsifying a gun application when purchasing a pistol.

He later discarded the gun into a trash dumpster, close to a public school.

A very favorable plea agreement was worked out which avoided prison time for Hunter if he complies with the terms of the plea.

Barring no sudden complications, his case will soon be settled.

Obviously, the appearance of a baggie of coke found within the very building he frequently visits could present a “complication.”  Particularly, since he has a well-documented history of drug usage. 

So, the natural inclination for most people would be to suspect some kind of hush-hush deal was devised to make certain Hunter’s name is never connected to the White House cocaine scandal.

Such a revelation could be disastrous for his plea agreement. 

Realistically, Hunter has a couple of advantages over ordinary folks:  His dad is currently President of the United States with a Department of Justice Director hand-picked by him.

This should be enough to guarantee Hunter will walk from any serious legal entanglements.  

However, the story plot could all change in 2024.  This is why it is necessary for the Bidens to get their affairs in order before a possible reorganization of Washington’s ruling elite.

Joe’s declining popularity, even among Democrats, is beginning to be noticed by the mainstream media — normally a staunch ally and perpetual cheerleader of practically anything Joe does or tries to say.

Plus, we’ve already seen noticeable movement in Congressional attitude towards Joe and Hunter’s involvement in suspicious multi-million-dollar “pay-to-play,” and alleged foreign money laundering schemes.

If this can of worms is eventually fully opened, there’s no telling how down and dirty it could get. 

Coke and weed in the White House will be the least of the Biden family’s worries. 

When are they going to figure out that if they would stop lying to us — on just about everything — they’d have a much better chance of regaining the public’s trust?

Sadly, this seems too much to ask.  

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.