How to know if a pokie machine is going to pay? 

For ages, many have tried to find tricks on how to tell if a pokie machine is going to pay or not. And since chances are that you do not have an unlimited bankroll, it is important to state that earning by playing pokies at any online casino in Australia solely depends on luck. This means you should not expect a pokie machine to produce a precise outcome. However, players in Australia usually want a good payout percentage when playing online pokies.

Nonetheless, it is essential to emphasize that no tactics on how to tell if a pokie machine is going to pay Australian players are foolproof. This is because pokie games use a Random Number Generator and are run by a computer. More so, if it is so easy to predict poker machines’ payoff time, most online casinos would suffer financial loss.

However, after doing a lot of research, we have discovered the best tactics and tips you can use to combat the poker machine randomness and the hints you must look out for when you find games to play and boost your chances of hitting the jackpots.

Some important terms to know about slot machines in real/online casinos

  • Random Number Generator (RNG). Random Number Generator (RNG) is the heart of a slot machine. It is a computer program (a microprocessor) in a poker machine that produces outcomes at random. Most licensed and recognized online casinos use RNGs validated by independent agencies. RNGs generate enormous and unrepeatable numbers per second. Whenever any of the numbers make a successful combination, the mechanism will pay your winnings appropriately. Most casinos use RNG as they do not require any external input to generate output. All it requires is a seed number and an algorithm. Hence, RNG helps to ensure the fairness of a Pokie game result.
  • Return to Player (RTP). RTP means the percentage a player in Australia should expect in return for every game. For example, if a pokie machine game has an RTP of 97%, it means for a bet of AUD100, you can expect a winning of A$97. Due to this, RTP can also help you determine the house edge of a game. Therefore, a game with a 97% RTP means the remaining 3% is the casino profit. Majorly, most online pokies have an RTP between 92% to 97%; however, some may be a little lesser or higher.
  • Pokie volatility. Volatility in pokies is a term that describes the likelihood of scoring a wager. It also gives players a hint about the significance or value of winning they should anticipate. The volatility level of a poker machine can either be low or high.

Low-volatility games provide players in Australia with more opportunities when gambling. They offer steady payouts but not with big amounts. High-volatility machines come with high risk for example progressive jackpots because their payouts are large and significant. Gamers can win up to 4,000x-10,000x their initial bets in highly volatile games.

Misconception about volatility and RTP in online pokies/poker machines

RTP is an important concept to help explain how to tell if a pokie machine is going to pay. There is, however, this misunderstanding that RTP is a good measure or indicator of poker machine volatility, which is not usually the case. A game may have high RTP with low variance. This simply means in such games; players will have access to steady payouts but with a little prize.

The most important thing to remember is that RTP simply stands for the percentage that a player in Australia should expect to win from a game throughout its lifespan. On the other hand, Volatility explains how the winning will be distributed to gamers and it might vary significantly from one game to the other, and the same goes for live updates for the system, like an update for GTA’s online casino.

The basic types of pokie machines include 3-reel pokies/slot machines, 5-reel pokies/slot machines, 243 ways, MegaSpin pokies/slot machines, and progressive online pokies (progressive jackpots).

Strategies to know if a pokie machine is going to pay

  • Play well-liked games on the machine. One of the sure ways to know the payout rate of poker is its popularity among gamers. Players usually want to play with machines that give frequent pay. Lucrative extras and symbols that can increase your chances of winning large are absent in the less famous engine. Always find games that are well-liked among regular players, and casino history guides can help you to choose.
  • Look into the RTP. Always check the return-to-player percentage of a game before placing a wager. Checking a poker RTP is one of the strategies you can use to calculate your chances. If the RTP is 95%, it means for every AU$1 you bet with, you should anticipate a return of AUD$0.95.
  • Verify the volatility of the slot. To know if a slot will pay or not, it is crucial that gamers comprehend the machine’s volatility. This tactic helps players to forecast their winnings. Pokie machines with high volatility games do not pay frequently, but anytime it pays, the win is usually substantial Australian dollars. However, if you want to boost your success, you should play a low-volatility game.
  • Time slot machines. Timing a poker machine is another strategy to predict its payoff. You can do this by observing the engine. When you notice one that is the most preferred, you should go for it. Also, a machine that has not paid out significantly is a good one to place wagers.

Additionally, you must check the most recent payout percentage on online pokies. If the pokie machine has recently released a substantial amount, you should wait a while before putting in a wager.

  • Zigzag strategy. This is a straightforward tactic. The zigzag strategy explains that when the winning symbols are arranged in a zigzag manner, the mechanism is about to pay off. However, do not forget pokie machines produce random outcomes. Therefore, your decisions may be correct or otherwise at various moments.
  • Use the bonus to your advantage. The majority of gambling sites offer gamers a variety of incentives like a sign-up bonus, bonus spins, and many more. You can use these bonuses to reduce the house edge to your advantage. Although bonus offers won’t last forever, you should take advantage of them while they are still accessible.


There is no foolproof strategy for how to tell if a pokie machine is going to pay or not. If you think you might have stumbled on an engine where you can get a big payout, it can be because your mind playing tricks, so don’t get carried away. Nevertheless, you can employ some of the aforementioned tactics to make sure you are playing on generous machines that pay Australian punters. With these tips, players in Australia can minimize losses as they help you determine when and where to place a wager.

While predicting a machine’s payouts can be challenging, understanding their mechanics and choosing the right casino can enhance your playing experience, offers a wide selection of online slots, providing players with numerous options to try their luck in a secure and engaging environment.