How do you install an outdoor fountain wall?

Are you someone who is in search of a step-to-step guide on how to install an outdoor fountain wall? Have you always wanted an outdoor fountain wall?

Or do you want to replace an old fountain wall with a new and luxurious one? If your answer to all these questions is yes, you have found yourself coming to the right article.

Let us begin this article by discussing how to install an outdoor fountain wall.

Choosing the location

The first and foremost step in installing an outdoor fountain wall is to choose the right place. Choosing the location where your fountain will be installed can be a tricky thing to do so if you are doing it by yourself.

You must remember that to power the pump; you will need a nearby electrical outlet. You can hire an electrician to run the wiring and install an outlet if you prefer to place the fountain in a more remote area of your garden.

If not, place the fountain close to a patio or a window so you can see it. Many people out there make the mistake of placing their outdoor fountains in a clustered area, making it difficult to stand out and extremely challenging to maintain their care.

You want to ensure that you place your outdoor water fountain wall in a location that is central to your house and can be viewed by most of the house’s front windows. This way, everyone can appreciate the beauty of the fountain wall.

Picking out the fountain wall and marking the area

The next step, which is the most important one, is to pick out the fountain wall itself. It must be mentioned that you should try to buy a fountain that has similar dimensions to your house and is in the correct color range.

Do not think of getting a large outdoor fountain for your cozy home as this will make it look awkward and unsettling. After you have picked out the location, you can measure the width and length of the specific area you are looking for.

Marking an area for the excavation could give you an overall idea of how the fountain wall will look like. If you have doubts, you can use apps to place furniture virtually.

Digging the hole and filling in the basin

The third step to installing outdoor fountain water walls is to fill out the hole. Now we understand that this process may be difficult and stressful as it is time-consuming and generates noise and air pollution.

You could hire professional construction workers to help you dig in the surface and create a hole to stabilize the fountain wall. To make this task simpler, you can use a dirt tamper.

To prevent dirt from settling after installation, compress the earth at the bottom of the hole once it has been excavated. Ensure the basin is leveled from side to side and front to back before placing it in the hole. Backfill the sides with dirt or sand to stop the sides from moving in the future.

Adding pumps and plumbing work

Now that you have dug out a place and placed dirt, the next thing you have to do is place the fountain wall and its components in the location. You should begin by Inserting the provided hose into the fountain’s center hole.

Once this is done, you can place the fountain atop the basin and insert the hose through the already-bored hole. You should level the fountain in both the front and rear and the sides so that it is stable enough when the water runs through it.

If you do not know how you could level the fountain, then you could use Fountain shims, which is a great tool to level your fountain with. After all, this has been done, and you can connect the plumbing hose to the fountain pump, which should now be in the basin.

It must be mentioned that during this stage, you may notice a few areas of the ground where the dirt is empty and has holes. You could use extra dirt or even cement to harden these holes.

While doing so, ensure that the pump wire or any other important components of the outdoor water fountain is not beneath the ground.

After you have run a check on all the components and position of the fountain, you can harden the ground by adding cement and spraying it with water two to three times to fully harden it.

Addition of lights

During this stage, you could focus on making the fountain wall look appealing. Most individuals out there focus on adding several lights to the fountain wall so people can see it at night.

It must be mentioned that if you are using light, you should place them at a distance that gives a 360 degrees view of the outdoor fountain at night. If your fountain is circular, you may want to place the lights two to three meters away from the fountain, but if it is vertical, you could attach the lights at the top of the fountain or directly beneath it.

After lights have been added, you can fill the basin with fresh water and cover the rest with decorative rocks. The decision to include rocks depends on the style and type of your fountain wall.

If you think your fountain is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the rocks, you should only add it. The last step which completes the process of installing an outdoor fountain is to turn on the pump.

Ensure the pump wire and electrical socket are completely dry to prevent them from sparking. You could use an extension cord if the pump wire is too short for the electrical socket. After turning the pump, you would have to wait an hour or two before seeing the fountain work.

The takeaway

So there you go, folks! These are some of the most important steps you should follow if you consider installing an outdoor fountain wall.

Although it may seem difficult, you could easily do it by yourself with proper patience and determination.