Governor Ducey proclaims June as Arizona Family Reunification Month

Governor Doug Ducey has issued a proclamation recognizing June as Arizona Family Reunification Month.

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PHOENIX – June marks a month of celebration for Arizona parents who have invested the time, self-reflection, and hard work to reunite their families.  As such, Governor Doug Ducey has issued a proclamation recognizing June as Arizona Family Reunification Month.

Thousands of Arizona families reunify each year, including approximately 4,600 families in 2021. Every year, family and child-interest groups across Maricopa County come together to organize an event to celebrate families who have safely reunified, after overcoming the obstacles that caused their children to be placed in care.

“I would like to commend the families who worked tirelessly to turn their lives around to reunite with their children,” said DCS Director Mike Faust. “I also want to thank the DCS Specialists who encouraged them along their path to reunification. I am honored to work with individuals who dedicate their lives to serving Arizona’s families.”

Not only do these families have to confront their individual challenges, they also often encounter negative stereotypes related to having their children removed from the home in the first place. Dedicating a month to recognizing the importance of supporting family reunification highlights the work and dedication these parents put in to rebuild their families. We also acknowledge those who have guided these families along the way and look to our local communities to open your hearts and minds, so these families continue to thrive.

“In Arizona, as in most states, the primary focus of child welfare is, if we can, to safely reunify families,” says retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Colleen McNally. “It is such an important value we share, that to celebrate people who are successful in meeting that goal is really important.”

As part of the annual celebration, a virtual event will be held Saturday, June 11. The virtual event is open to all members of the community and creates an opportunity for families to share their success stories and inspire other families who are involved in a similar proceeding in the juvenile court. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend and can register for the event here. 

The June event allows the entire community to show support for the parents who have worked to reunite their families. All Arizona families are invited to share a congratulatory note, words of encouragement, or tips about how they work to keep their family strong at     

Please join us on June 11 to take part in the virtual recognition event as we all celebrate love, hard work, and family.

For more information about the family reunification process, please visit the Arizona Department of Child Safety or the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family.