Gila County teachers recognized in the 2020 Esteemed Educator Awards

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NEW YORK CITY – Three hundred and forty-seven teachers from across North America have been named Mathspace Esteemed Educators for 2020, recognized for their vision and drive to innovate mathematics education.

Building on the success of the Esteemed Educator program which started in 2018, and joining an impressive alumni, this year’s winning teachers have shown exceptional determination and innovation in the face of adversity.

The second half of this year has challenged teachers across North America, and these finalists have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to integrating Mathspace’s adaptive technology into the way they personalize each student’s math journey, even whilst teaching remotely.

“Now in its third year, this award is evolving along with the education sector and with what is happening in the world around us. Mathspace is proud to support North America’s leading math educators who are taking their teaching practices to the next level, even in some of the most challenging times” said Daniel Tu-Hoa, SVP Mathspace North America.

“At Mathspace one of our core values is continuous improvement. We are committed to continuous innovation of our product, and this year’s Esteemed Educators will provide us with their valuable insights and input to ensure our customers’ voice is always present in our product development” said Mr Tu-Hoa.

Contributed Photo: Globe High School teacher Audra Gutierrez is one of the nine finalists from Arizona who have been named Mathspace Esteemed Educators for 2020.

Of the three hundred and forty-seven finalists, nine come from the state of Arizona, including Debra Loyd of San Carlos Middle School, Lisa Bittner, of Globe High School, and Algebra and Geometry teacher Audra Gutierrez of Globe High School.

“My goal in teaching math is to help students understand and not fear math, while also helping the students understand the world around them by thinking analytically,” said Audra.

The 2020 Esteemed Educators, including the nine finalists from Arizona, have been invited to work closely with Mathspace as advisors, sharing their expertise and insights to shape future developments of the program.

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