Get in on ‘Goat Drop’ Bingo for a chance to win on Arizona Gives Day

Staff Reports

SAFFORD – Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry will put the “fun” back into fundraising during Arizona Gives Day on April 2 with its “Goat Drop” Bingo game. 

For a $10 donation, participants will select a square from a group of 20 in an enclosed area at the farm at 1020 10th Ave. The well-fed goats will be released to roam the enclosed area and when a goat drops pellets they will be counted and recorded on which square they fell. The square with the most pellets wins, earning one-quarter of the whole pot to the lucky person who selected that square.

Arizona Gives Day is April 2.

It’s bingo only like you can do it on the farm, which fits Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry, which grows a number of its own food it gives to the needy. The rest of the money will benefit the farm. 

There will be two sessions; an 11 a.m. game and a 4 p.m. game. To reserve a square for either session, call Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry Executive Director Stacey Scarce at (337) 326-0709 or visit the pantry Tuesday or Thursday from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. The event is sure to be loads of fun.   

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