Gender reveal smoke bomb has an explosive effect upon arrival

Gender reveal smoke bombs

By Jon Johnson

GRAHAM COUNTY – Gender reveal incendiary devices have caused serious issues in the past, and while companies have made strives for safety even a seemingly innocuous product can still cause issues.

For one Graham County man, it was a case of the unknown and erring on the side of caution on July 13 when he received a “suspicious package” at his front door from Fed Ex. The man said the package had a warning label that said “Explosive S1.4” and was from a place called “Smoky Bombs” out of Nevada. The man said he wasn’t expecting any packages from such a company and so he called the authorities.  

Out of its various smoke bomb products, Smoky Bombs makes gender-reveal canister smoke bombs. The customer pulls a pin on a canister and the smoke reveals the gender of the baby. Smoky Bombs uses a wire pull ignition, has non-toxic smoke, and lasts for roughly 90 seconds, according to its website. 

While a deputy was en route to the residence with the smoke bomb, the respondent called County Dispatch back and advised that he learned a friend had sent him the smoke bombs for a gender reveal and no longer needed authorities.