Forest wedding venues in Georgia 

In recent years, Georgia has been gaining popularity as one of the countries with the most comfortable conditions for foreign citizens to get married.

Perhaps many may be surprised by the very idea of wedding tourism, and they wonder, “Why go to another country to get married?”.

In fact, there can be a myriad of reasons to get married in another country, and here are a few of them:

  • Difficult bureaucratic procedures for getting married in the country where the couple currently resides.
  • Religious prohibitions and restrictions on marriage. Often found in Muslim countries.
  • The urgency of the procedure. There are cases when it is necessary to get married urgently or before a certain period of time.
  • Lower cost of wedding services in Georgia.
  • The desire to have the wedding in a specific location, such as the mountains.
  • The couple wants a wedding without guests and traveling to another country gives them a good reason not to send out invitations.

Georgia’s appeal to foreigners is not just limited to the possibility of getting married in 24 hours. In addition, the country attracts picturesque terrain and diversity.

One of the top requests for a wedding venue in Georgia this year was the forest.

Why has a wedding in the woods been so popular lately?

Eco-friendliness and a desire for all things natural are trending right now, and what could be closer to ECO than nature itself?

A wedding in the woods looks equally beautiful at any time of year.

A forest wedding may not involve a full banquet but is limited to a small buffet, which is, in fact, an additional savings factor.

A ceremony in such a location has its own unique energy and atmosphere.

The forest is quite an unusual place for a wedding, so by choosing this option, you will definitely be able to surprise your guests.

Nature does not require additional decorations, which means you can save on decorations.

The forest is an open area, which does not limit you in the number of guests. They all have enough space and no one will get stuffy.

Where can I have a forest wedding in Georgia?

If you want a forest wedding for sure, Georgia is the place for you. About 40% of the country is covered in forests. Here you will find coniferous and deciduous forests, some of which are located in protected areas or mountains.

Another important point for a remote wedding is that Georgia is a safe country with a low crime rate and the remoteness from the city will not bother you.

The “Shu Wedding” Agency can offer you several location options for a forest offsite ceremony:

Sabaduri Forest: It is part of the Tbilisi National Park and is one of the 20 most beautiful forests in the world. It is located at an altitude of 600-1,700 meters above sea level and 20 km from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. There are many hiking trails on the territory of the forest, and most of the territory is well-maintained and comfortable for weddings.

Colchis National Park: Captures the coastal zone of the Black Sea, located 70 km from the second largest city of Georgia – Batumi.

Mtirala National Park: Combines a unique nature and proximity to mountains. The distance from Batumi is 30 km.

If you want to hold your wedding in the forest, but within the city, you should pay attention to the botanical gardens of Georgia:

Botanical Garden in Batumi.

Garden in Tbilisi.

Sukhumi botanical garden.

What is necessary for a forest wedding in Georgia?

To hold a forest wedding in Georgia you need to:

Prepare the necessary documents and their translations.

Apply for permission to register your marriage.

Choose a venue.

Prepare the location and coordinate the date of the registration.

Find a photographer, makeup artist, decorator, etc.

Take care of accommodation.

Arrive in Georgia to get married.

You can take care of all these processes on your own or you can ask for help from the specialists of the wedding agency “Shu Wedding”.

Our wedding planners have extensive experience working with foreign couples and will be able to organize the wedding of your dreams in the shortest possible time and at favorable prices.