Five tips on how to get rid of spiders and spiderwebs from your home

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You must have seen many spider webs and spiders when you enter your house after a long vacation. Well, it indicates that your house needs cleaning and dusting. They might even invade your home where you are currently staying.

Spiders and other pests can spread infections and, in some cases, are poisonous. Their webs tend to form at a faster rate and are hard to deal with every time. You can prevent spiders and their webs from inhabiting your home by learning some tips mentioned in this article.

How to Prevent Spiders from Entering Into Your House

Wolf spiders and jumping spiders are the common types of spiders found at home. If your walls have cracks in them, then make sure to seal it. Spiders can quickly enter your house through these cracks and holes in the windows and doors. 

Spiders are attracted to lights. Avoid using white lights, and instead, you can use yellow lights. It helps in keeping spiders and other bugs out of your home. When you do not use the outdoor lights, you can turn them off to prevent spiders from coming inside.

Keep Your House Clean

You can help prevent spiders and spider webs by cleaning your home daily. Please make sure not to pile up the clutter that you do not use anymore, as spiders mostly form their webs in hidden dark spaces. Do not leave your unwashed clothes lying on the floor. Clean your kitchen cabinets frequently.

Dust every corner of your home before the spiders make their webs. It helps in not only eliminating spiders but other insects also.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Spiders and other insects are attracted to dirty dishes as they still contain components of food. Your kitchen, which is supposed to be a source of health, turns into an unhygienic space. Make sure to clean your dishes right after your meal and avoid keeping the dirty dishes hanging for the next day.

When you have some leftover food, keep it in the fridge or throw it outside your home if it has gone awry. Spiders and insects are always hunting for food, so they tend to accumulate on left open food.

Products That Can Help Repel The Spiders

You can use a peppermint essential oil available in the stores to get rid of spiders. Use peppermint essential oil with water and spray it all over your house. It will make the spiders leave the location.

Make use of tea tree essential oil to keep the spiders away. It is suitable for your skin so you can apply it to your clothes and yourself. Apply it to your doors and wall cracks using a cloth to keep them insects free.

Other Ways You Can Adopt

Lemon peels have a pungent smell which keeps the spiders away. Keep the lemon peels in spaces where spiders are most commonly found in your home. Rub the peels in corners of doors, cabinets, furniture, and other hidden dark areas.

Vinegar is another good spider repellent. For this, mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle then spray it all over the spaces where you find a spider or spider web.

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