Firearm training offered in Safford

Contributed Photo: There is a new firearms training course available in Safford taught by a former LEO SWAT Team instructor.

SAFFORD – Do you want to take your marksmanship to the next level? Or perhaps you are unfamiliar with firearms and are looking to learn. 

Whether you are an expert or novice, there is a class for everyone through Berserker Tactical

Upcoming classes include Pistol 1 on March 24 and Rifle 1 on March 25. 

Single-day classes are approximately 8-9 hours, including live-fire training and an hour lunch break.  

Contributed Photo: Mitchel Meyers is the owner and operator of Berserker Tactical.

Owner and operator Mitchel Meyers previously worked as a law enforcement officer from 2014-2022 and was responsible for training newly assigned patrol deputies in basic and advanced law enforcement tactics and marksmanship. He is a certified SWAT operator, Field Training Officer, and instructor in Defensive Tactics, Taser, (HB93) Dealings with the Mentally Impaired, Stop the Bleed, and DARE. Additionally, Meyers is a certified NRA/USCCA Firearms instructor as well as a Range Master/Safety Instructor.

Meyers was appointed Interim Chief of Police for Lordsburg, New Mexico where he implemented a Strategic Response Team that was set to become part of the tri-county team and took part in developing multiple operational plans in order to safeguard his community including a multi-agency training scenario with US Border Patrol, NM State Police, local county and city law enforcement departments, fire departments, dispatch, and EMS. Additionally, Meyers worked alongside the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Training Division in planning and executing training exercises for special operations personnel. Meyers has hundreds of advanced training hours, and countless hours of training for officers from various law enforcement agencies, and has received his command-level law enforcement certification.

Meyers felt it was time to step away from his full-time law enforcement career to transfer his knowledge to civilians, other law enforcement officers, and military personnel. He believes preparation for life’s pending challenges and threats is paramount for us as citizens and protectors of this great nation. Training with Meyers and Berserker Tactical will enable you to elevate as an individual, defender, and protector.

Meyers offers a variety of training courses ranging from beginner to advanced tactics. Courses include basic/advanced pistol and rifle, concealed carry, Single man/team CQB, officer survival, and more. 

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The Berserker Pistol 1 Class is set for March 24. The 1-day course focuses on the fundamentals of pistol shooting and prepares the attendee for more advanced pistol courses. 

The Berserker Rifle 1 Class is set for March 25. The 1-day course is an introduction to the carbine platforms. The Pistol 1 and Rifle 1 classes can also be combined in a bundle. 

There will also be Pistol 1 and Pistol 2 classes set for April 20, and 21, and Rifle 1 and Rifle 2 classes set for March 24, and 25. Those classes can also be bundled.  

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Who can attend the firearms class?

  1. All U.S. citizens ages 18 and older who are legally allowed to own/purchase/possess a firearm. 
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Q. What do you need? 

  1. 1. A quality semi-automatic pistol. 2. At least a level II holster. 3. Three pistol magazines with a belt-mounted pouch. 4. 250 rounds of ammunition. 5. Eye/ear protection. 6. Weapon maintenance kit. 

Q. Any other recommendations? 

  1. Sunscreen/bug spray is suggested, along with lots of water, snacks, appropriate clothing, and something to take notes with. 

For more information visit Berserker Tactical’s website here or its Instagram page here.