Editorial: Woo-hoo! Joe’s running again!

Column By Mike Bibb

Breaking news – President Joe’s running for reelection so he can “finish the job.”

Even a visually impaired person could see this coming.  After all, what else is he capable of doing?  For a guy who needs directions from a parade Easter Bunny, there’s not much demand for an 80-year-old commander-in-chief who doesn’t seem to have the cognitive ability to know what day of the week it is.

However, not too many folks, including the liberal media, seem overly impressed.

Currently, a large segment of his own Democrat Party would like to see Joe permanently stay home, since that’s where he spends a lot of his time, anyway.

In an early April 25, Tuesday morning pre-recorded three-minute social video announcement – posted at 6 a.m. on the East Coast, and 3 a.m. on the West – Joe outlined his “accomplishments” and the amazing success his administration has had in handling domestic and foreign issues.

Later in the day, he repeated his intentions before a gathering of union members.

Joe used a similar tactic when announcing his 2020 presidential candidacy.  However, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a president proclaim his reelection ambitions to a nation whose majority of citizens were still sleeping.

That’s another uncommon Biden characteristic.  Usually, reelection declarations are a big deal, made in front of thousands of adoring fans, party officials, and live TV.

After viewing his hastily thrown-together ad, obviously lacking factual references and enthusiasm, I realized why Joe didn’t want his momentous decision presented during prime time.

Who’d watch it?  Would be a waste of precious advertising dollars.  

Besides, campaign rallies are susceptible to glitches and embarrassing moments, requiring explanations and excuses.  Whereas, a social media presentation is more scripted, rehearsed, and edited.

Joe’s frequent verbal flubs and mental lapses can be cleaned up or erased before the video is aired.  Not an easy thing to do during a live performance.

PBS News Hour/Video: President Biden delivers a more than 30-minute speech after announcing his re-election bid.

To further guard against these hazards, we’ve been informed Joe will not be participating in any on-stage debates.

Not sure how long Dems can maintain this attitude since there are already at least two additional Democratic contenders vying for his job – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and author and progressive advocate Marianne Williamson.  If a couple more enter the fracas, Joe will be forced to come out of hiding and deal with them. 

Presently, Joe’s biggest obstacle in maintaining his job in 2024 is himself.  Also, his insistence on keeping Kamala Harris as his vice president isn’t going to help.

Her approval ratings are worse than Joe’s, and she appears to know even less about government and guidance.

From my point of view, Joe’s mismanagement of a slowing economy, continuing inflation, rising interest rates, a plate full of domestic issues, foreign controversies, and China’s increasing influence around the globe are things he hasn’t been very successful in dealing with.

Actually, his entire administration appears to lack skills, knowledge, and leadership to such an extent it’s difficult to point to very many positive achievements in any area of government.

The two all-important tenants of a successful president – peace and prosperity – are nonexistent under Joe’s tenure.

He may paint a rosy picture and blame all the nation’s problems on “MAGA extremists,” white supremacists, greedy capitalists, and Trump, but he can’t conceal the glaring reality that crime is nearly out of control in many of the metro areas, millions of illegal migrants have stampeded across our southern border, street drugs are rampant, we’re still recovering from nonsensical COVID mandates, spending billions of dollars in Ukraine, and several world leaders are paying little attention to Joe or his representatives. 

Then, there’s the growing controversy over Joe’s family problems which seem to be increasing daily.  From international financial intrigues to incriminating data contained within Hunter’s laptop computers, hardly a week passes without some kind of fluster-cluck involving Joe or someone in his clan. 

If he believes he can avoid discussing these multiple issues by simply refusing to publicly debate Democratic or Republican presidential contenders, he may be in for a surprise.

Particularly, since many of our nation’s current problems arose during his term in office. 

Trump’s been gone for a couple of years, and Dems maniacal insistence to continue to blame everything wrong in our society or economy on him isn’t selling anymore.  People have figured out the lie.

Time for Joe and his handlers to find a new scapegoat since, obviously, they are not going to accept any responsibility.   

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.