Editorial: Why no jokes about ‘Sleepy Joe’?

Column By Mike Bibb

There’s been a cottage industry springing up around the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that’s swept across sporting venues, university campuses, and online stores.

But, not much television comedy.

Flags, bumper stickers, window decals, tee shirts, hoodies, and even stick-on auto emblems proclaiming “Let’s Go Brandon Edition” are becoming nearly as common as “Don’t blame me, I voted for the other guy” witticism seen after every election. 

Humor is still an attractive commodity, even in today’s woke cancel culture environment.  Not everyone is tuned in to the latest socialist fantasy, anti-political statement, moronic TikTok stunt, history rewrite, or climate change mantra.

A good joke usually appeals to everyone.   As a result, U.S. presidents can be counted on to provide a bucket full of humor.

Joe Biden is no exception, regardless of the liberal media’s efforts to downplay his blunders.  Which are many and often.

Actually, almost every day. 

It’s painfully obvious, even to the most ardent supporter, President Joe Biden’s mental abilities have been steadily slowing over the past several years.  At 79, his cognitive skills noticeably diminished since he was Vice President or a U.S. Senator.

Advancing age usually brings with it certain ailments.  That’s life – and genetics.  And, probably, a 50-year exposure to the brain-altering nonsense of Washington politics is a contributing factor.  

Employment benefits of being the current Commander-in-Chief may help relieve some of the discomforts, but it can’t postpone them indefinitely.  Modern medicines and 24-hour physician availability can only do so much.

Repeating 15-minute news cycles guarantee plenty of humorous political fodder as the Cat in the Hat cartoon illustrates.  Comedic writers, jokesters, and cartoonists do not have to stray far from a newspaper’s front page to gather creative inspiration.

Presidents have been a source of laughs since we’ve had presidents.  An annoying circumstance that goes with the job, guaranteed by free speech.  None have been spared.  Obviously, some provided more chuckles than others, but every one of them, in one way or another, has been the recipient of satiric comments.

The reigning champion of comedy bashing – in terms of unrestrained assaults – has to be former President Donald Trump.  During his entire presidency, before and after, the man endured an unending barrage of digs, barbs, non-truths, and derogatory comments unparalleled in the news and entertainment industry.

So common was the delirium it became known as “TDS” – Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Itself, a poke at the establishment’s clownish behavior.

Opposite Trump’s daily beatdowns, President Biden has received relatively few comical comments during his first year in office, in spite of several major policy blunders.  Talk show hosts, late-night comics, news commentators, and media analysts have not shown the same caustic enthusiasm towards Biden as they have against Trump.

There have been no demands to “Impeach 46!” or making puns about it.  Biden’s VP doesn’t appear to have a clue about anything, while Trump’s was routinely mocked.  The present First Lady is congratulated for successes; Trump’s ridiculed for her accent and modern fashion preferences.  Biden’s children, including Hunter (until his recently exposed laptop business debacles and drug-induced antics), enjoy favorable mention.  Trump’s, not so much.  No 18-wheeler “That’s a big 10-4, good buddy” jests about Joe’s self-proclaimed truck driving experiences.  Biden has difficulty reading a teleprompter or carrying on an ordinary press conference at the same time Trump’s banned from social media.

On and on.  Where are the merriment makers or stand-up comedians reciting Biden wisecracks?  Hasn’t he done some pretty ridiculous things worthy of a joke or two?

Of course.  A man can’t be a professional politician for half a century without being noticed by at least a few entertainers.  He may be dull, but there’s a certain hilarity in being dull.  Dopy male confusion is the stuff of numerous sitcoms.  How about Joe toting around nuclear launch codes?  Surely a befuddling reality deserving a Saturday Night Live spoof. 

Paradoxically, Biden pledges to help secure Ukraine’s borders while allowing millions of undocumented aliens to stroll across ours.  There’s has to be some kind of tragicomedy in this madness.

Regardless of an abundance of amusing material available, Joe’s faux pas seem off-limits to purveyors of comedy.  

Or, he might argue, “Come on, man, that ain’t fair.  I’m as funny as the next guy.  Did I ever tell ya the one about me and a local bully named Corn Pop or how the kids had a good time rubbing my hairy legs at the community swimming pool?” 

At least Joe can still laugh at himself.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.  

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