Editorial: What if nobody was president? Would we notice a difference?

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Column By Mike Bibb

The sign’s suggestion outside an Austin, Texas eatery invokes the idea if we didn’t currently have a president, would we really notice a difference?

Perhaps, if we all promised each other “to just be cool.”

Which, given our current state of affairs and all the crazy stuff going on in Washington, D.C., being cool to one another sounds like it might be worth a try.

The difficult part would be convincing Congress to set aside their political bickering and ideologies long enough to give the thought some consideration.

Image, elected representatives avoiding party differences to discuss what’s best for the country?   What a novel concept.

If successful, Joe could spend the rest of his term relaxing on the beach, since that’s where he likes to while away a lot of his time.

Actually, he just returned from a 10-dayer at a Delaware beach and immediately embarked on another three or four days of R&R at one of his secluded homes.

Reportedly, 46 has squandered about 40% of his presidency on vacations.  

I doubt his presence would be missed.  Certainly, his often-garbled press conferences, and frequently repeated “I don’t know what Hunter’s foreign business dealings are” could be replaced by White House messages actually making a little more sense.  Or, at least somewhat believable. 

Given Joe’s tendency to stretch the truth, fabricate falsehoods, plagiarize, tote away government classified documents, and allegedly, accept bundles of cash from overseas organizations because he’s recognized within his family as the “Big Guy,” would tend to make one wonder if, at 80 years of age, Joe still has time to change his ways, rehabilitate, and walk the straight and narrow.

Seeking Jesus – so to speak.

Rather amazing how often people involved in illicit behavior inexplicably have a sudden desire to walk in Jesus’ sandals – particularly after hearing a court’s sentencing order.

It’s one thing to “Go, and sin no more, my son,” – quite another to continue to run the scam under different circumstances, using refined verbiage, pled by a crafty team of lawyers.

Keep in mind, Joe Biden has been in the political game a long, long time.  He really doesn’t know how to do anything else.  His son, Hunter, has been with him just about every step of the way, learning tricks of the trade.  Like Joe, Hunter’s success is almost entirely dependent upon Washington’s politics, protections, and insider connections.

There’s a reason D.C. is unabashedly referred to as “The Swamp.”  A lot of transgressions, corruption, and wrongdoing in the political arena are conceived and birthed in this place. 

However, let’s suppose for a moment, we did pledge to respect each other.  Would those noble ambitions be sufficient to guide and protect a modern society?  Would mischief, lies, and avarice disappear from the minds of less well-intentioned individuals just because it’s fashionably cool? 

If I recall, when there were only two people wandering around the Garden of Eden, one of them purposely suckered the other into taking a bite of the forbidden fruit, knowing full well the repercussions that would follow.

Technically, they were both guilty – one willfully deceived the other, while the second participant knew better, but went along with the con.  Two out of two individuals -100% – broke the law.  Not a good sign of things to come. 

Comedian, Flip Wilson (1933-1998), often explained when being caught in incriminating situations, that “The Devil made me do it.”  Insinuating, his involvement in some kind of suspicious activity was a result of Satin’s influence.

A similar defense to Eve’s “The serpent beguiled me” excuse.

Adam and Eve’s predicament may have been the first use of the “Scapegoat” defense in trying to pass their blame to someone/something else (Lev. 16:7-26). 

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That single early historical event still reverberates today, only disguised in a multitude of contemporary themes and costumes designed to deceive and entice an unsuspecting person into accepting doctrines and promises antithetical to common sense.

Simply, believing assurances that don’t ring true.

For instance, Joe vowed during his inauguration, he would be a uniter of people, eradicating bickering, and unrest in striving to achieve harmony and mutual respect among the folks.

This peaceful coexistence affirmation came from a man who garnered over 81 million votes, the most ever for a presidential contender.  A remarkable achievement, considering he rarely left home to campaign.

Must have been a miracle – or, some other form of intervention. 

Later, he told us – without a doubt – COVID was a disease of the unvaccinated.  Apparently, forgetting he’d received all the shots, boosters and still got sick, as did many members of his staff.  

When disseminating these lofty declarations, Joe frequently reminds us “I give you my word, as a Biden.”

Obviously, that is a pledge that has proven to be total fiction.  He’s accused nearly half of the voting electorate of being racist, white supremacists, and MAGA supporters.

I’m not sure those descriptions are a step up from Hillary’s “Basket of deplorables” quip, but at least Joe is trying to act like a responsible Democrat by alienating Republicans in his own humble way. 

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In the meantime, his Department of Justice continues to chase the former president and current leading Republican 2024 presidential candidate, by contriving several dozen allegations of wrongdoing.

Almost seems Trump is spending nearly as much time in various courtrooms as on the campaign trail.  Recently, he jokingly remarked on his social media site “One more indictment would ensure me the election,” indicating his rising poll numbers every time another indictment is announced.

Georgia may put him over the top.  Nearly three years after he left office, Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) appears to have reached Stage Four levels in several areas of government.

This a clue that not everyone is swallowing the assortment of cow pies being continually baked and served by an overly zealous DOJ.

Weird, DOJ can whip out Trump indictments at warp speed but seems totally incapable of securing our southern border from hordes of invading migrants. 

Meanwhile, President Joe is excused from committing many of the very same things Donald Trump is being prosecuted for.

Trump’s home is invaded by dozens of FBI agents, while Joe relaxes at the beach.  Something seems out of wack.

Is this cool?

Now, mounting evidence is being gathered by Congress implicating Joe and his son, Hunter, in a myriad of schemes involving apparent foreign influence solicitations in exchange for huge sums of money, funneled through shady or fake businesses.

Additional bank statements have been turned over involving Joe and Hunter’s “business” dealings.  Basically, enriching themselves with pay-to-pay intrigues; an obvious violation of the Constitution.  

It’s looking like this caper may go deeper into the political mire than the Bidens’ involvement.  There’s too much stink not to suspect a skunk somewhere. 

Is this cool, or is it criminal or, is it merely a case of Hunter being “the smartest guy” Joe knows?

Maybe, two out of three.

More importantly, where is the DOJ, its grand jury, special councils, legions of barristers, and scales of justice?  Why aren’t they interested in looking into these matters? 

Equally bewildering, why is the mainstream media hesitant to report upon these apparent infractions until they can no longer be ignored?

What has happened to accurate and honest journalism — our first line of defense against government corruption? 

Guess it depends upon which side of the garden they’re standing in.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.