Editorial: Transgender cyclist wins in Silver City while drag queens dance in the Navy

Photo Via Tour of the Gila: From left: Shayna Powles (DNA Pro Cycling), Austin Killips (Amy D Foundation), and Nadia Gontova (Roxo Racing) take the podium.

Column By Mike Bibb

“Trans athletics” are getting closer to home.

The nearby community of Silver City, New Mexico, has witnessed its first “transgender” winner in the 36th annual Tour of the Gila, woman’s division, bicycling race.

Simply, a boy won a girl’s event.  His/her name is Austin Killips – not Audrey, as you might suspect.   Guess not everything changes when transitioning.

Of course, transitioning, pronoun referencing, nonbinary individuals don’t like to think of themselves as being a male in a female sporting contest.

But, they are, no matter how they attempt to rationalize their new gender identity. 

Everyone who has ever studied Biology 101 knows a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl.  Also, it takes a boy and a girl to make more boys and girls.

The Bible discusses the topic when it reminds everyone “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God, He created him; male and female He created them.” — Genesis 1:27.

Apparently, a certain Supreme Court Justice didn’t get the memo since she can’t define the difference either or even knows what a woman is.

Actually, there’s been boys and girls for a long, long time.  No amount of wishing, hoping, chemicals, surgery or government-imposed diversity and inclusion can change a basic law of nature.

All surgery does is swap out certain body parts for others, thinking the brain – and body – will accept the new model.  It’s my understanding a lifelong application of medicines permits the continuance of the gender change, along with possible psychiatric assistance.   

Reportedly, Bud Light helps ease the pain of transitioning, but sales have dramatically plummeted.

True, sometimes the brain’s wiring is messed-up or not fully developed, but that doesn’t alter the fact the body is still either a male or female, in spite of overhauls to change it.

Similarly, a Ford is still a Ford, regardless if it has a newly installed Chevy motor.

However, due to the trendy nature of sex-change operations and transitioning fads of certain young adults, the sports scene of some colleges and universities is becoming a Petrie dish of gender-confused students who believe it is perfectly permissible for boys to compete against girls in women’s athletics. 

Actually, they insist upon it.  If a school refuses to comply, they are immediately labeled as discriminatory, and in violation of certain federal and state laws.

A compliant media reinforces the lunacy; lawsuits soon follow.

As a result, we now have gender-neutral restrooms, gender-neutral school locker rooms, gender-neutral sports, drag queen presentations in public schools, and anything else the LGBTQA+1 lobby can imagine.

Even Walmart has gotten into the game by selling certain LGBTQA+1 merchandise and Gay Pride accessories, prominently displayed in various store locations.

Safford has one of these stores.  I’ve seen the rainbow-colored trinkets and paraphernalia.  This makes one wonder is there really a local demand for these items, or are Walmart marketing executives – similar to the big brains at Budweiser – betting on a delusional interest in these products?  

Of course, a shopper can ignore the articles, and move on to something else.

This might be good advice for any parent considering enrolling their children in public schools and colleges. 

If a school has abandoned traditional academics and sports in order to foster a more wokeish curriculum, then a parent – if possible – might wish to select another school compatible with their beliefs.

What good is a scholarship or participation in collegiate female sports if a guy, groomed like a girl, is allowed to enter the same event?

Where’s the fairness?  

Photo Courtesy Instagram/@harpy_danielsU.S.: Navy sailor and drag queen Joshua Kelley, whose stage name is Harpy Daniels, took part in a recruitment drive as a “Digital Ambassador.”  He also occasionally performs on the ship.  He said he was inspired by watching RuPaul’s Drag Race TV show.

There is none.  We’ve already seen the adverse impact transgenderism has had on women’s swimming, weight lifting, volleyball, tennis, track, and now cross-country cycling. 

If permitted to continue, the decline of female sports is a distinct possibility.

To avoid the idiocy, why not create another sports participant category:  Transgender, in which only “trans,” and similar individuals, oppose each other in whatever sport they choose?

Boys would still compete against real boys, girls against real girls, and trans against real trans.

Maybe, it would become so popular that one day we’d see a Transgendered Summer and Winter Olympics, including an all-trans curling team with unbelievably swift sweeping brooms. 

Whatever the case, permitting trans or wannabes into girls’ sports and locker rooms might not be the height of insanity – but, it’s close. 

Maybe, I’m being too harsh.  Apparently, our own Navy is now supporting drag queen shows as a recruiting tool with an actual sailor participating.

What next, an LGBTQA+1 chapter onboard the International Space Station?

Without a doubt, today’s modern military is certainly not like the one I served in.  I can well imagine the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, and everyone else are viewing these antics and thinking “WTF is going on here?”

With President Joe Biden as Commander-in-Chief, it’s not difficult to figure out.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.