Editorial: The cat is outta the bag

Column By Mike Bibb

Well, looks like the Biden Administration has let the cat out of the bag.  There is an official explanation for rising gas prices – and it’s probably not what you thought.

No, it’s not Russia’s war in Ukraine, as Joe constantly reminds us.  Or, greedy domestic oil companies bumping up prices at the pump.  For once, it’s not Trump’s fault.

In spite of President Joe reminding us we can expect high gas prices to remain for “as long as it takes” to kick Russia out of Ukraine, the real reason, according to National Economic Council Director, Brian Deese, is the preservation of the “liberal world order.”

Whoa, who saw that excuse coming?  There really is some logic to the cat/bag idiom.

Deese, perhaps unintentionally, let slip a state secret that is supposed to be only shared by an elite few within the upper echelons of Washington politics and woke corporate boardrooms.  Most certainly, such information is not meant for the ears of us ignorant deplorables.

After all, we’re considered less than semi-intelligent, needing constant supervision from our masters within the D.C. establishment. 

In a July 1, 2022, Washington Examiner article, Deese commented “What we heard from the president, this is about the future of the liberal world order.  We have to stand firm.”

Continuing, Deese added, “At the same time, what I’d say to Americans across the country is you have a presidential administration that is going to do everything in its power to blunt those price increases and bring those prices down.” Keep in mind, these remarks were made after Joe said high gas prices would stay around “for as long as it takes.”

Deese’s assurances the Biden Administration is “going to do everything in its power” to reduce inflation and soaring fuel costs seem totally disconnected from Joe’s actual job performances.

Not unexpected.  Joe doesn’t have a clue about private enterprise or how our economy really functions.  He’s simply a 50-year career politician receiving a Treasury Department/taxpayer paycheck. 

When one of his spokespersons tells us Joe will blunt and bring down high prices, don’t immediately pop a cork in celebration.  It could take a while before he figures it out.  If ever.

​Maybe, “as long as it takes.”   

I don’t see food or fuel prices coming down.  The grocery cash register and gas pump tell a different story, regardless of the fantasy Deese is trying to spin.

Folks aren’t unaware of what’s going on.  Everything costs more – their depleting pocketbooks are evidence, in spite of Joe’s promises to the contrary.  He can tell us all day long the Russians are to blame for our economic mess, but nearly everyone knows that’s a big whopper. 

The Russians are not invading the United States, they’re occupied with a country in Eastern Europe whose gross domestic product is minuscule.  Seen anything stamped “Made in Ukraine” lately?  
Or, for that matter, purchased a product made in Russia – if you could find one?  

Probably not.

Nevertheless, we’re regularly sending Ukraine billions of dollars in aid and military hardware while buying Russian oil for our own consumption.  It’s probably safe to assume at least 30% of that charity is quickly whisked into the pockets of unscrupulous officials and other opportunistic parasites.  

Go figure the wisdom of these decisions.  We’re partially funding both sides of the conflict to our own detriment.

In the meantime, U.S. borders are being inundated with millions of foreigners wading and walking across as they please.  An invasion Joe seems oblivious to, doesn’t care about, is totally baffled about how to stop, or because of his procrastination to respond, is actually supportive of. 

Remember, he halted the continued construction of the border wall on his first day in office.

Does anyone ever wonder why Joe jets all over the world, making deals and spending taxpayer’s money, but can’t seem to find time to visit Del Rio, Texas, or Nogales, Arizona?

Why is that?  I’m sure millions of Texas and Arizona residents would like to know.

Just maybe, Joe’s problematical behavior has something to do with promoting the “liberal world order.” 
Obviously, not everyone is enamored with Joe’s way of doing things.  This probably helps explain his plummeting poll numbers and why the S&P 500 stock market index just experienced its worst half-year drop since 1970.  The NASDAQ stock market hasn’t done any better, seeing its largest decline on record.

​Contrary to what Joe may believe, a tumbling stock market is not indicative of a healthy economy.  For all practical purposes, we’re already heading into a recession.

​Joe’s domestic and foreign policies are in desperate need of a factory recall.  A trusted advisor should calmly explain that if he doesn’t immediately begin a course correction, his party is in imminent danger of floundering in the November Mid-Term Elections.

Keep it short and simple.  Joe seems to favor a single 3 x 5 cue card with large, easy-to-read print.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.