Editorial: ‘Shoot it down’

Photo By Petty Officer 1st Class Tyler Thompson/US Navy: U.S. Navy sailors pull debris from a deflated balloon believed to be a Chinese spy balloon. 

Column By Mike Bibb

Several days following the rash of military shoot-downs of suspicious objects crossing into U.S. and Canadian airspace, President Biden still hasn’t spoken to us to explain the situation or voice his opinions on the matter.

Does he even know what has been happening?

A couple of his cabinet members have attempted to gingerly illuminate the problem, using comforting terms and reassuring commentary about how at least five encounters with aerial “objects” within a week are nothing to be overly concerned with. 

If so, then why hasn’t Joe gone on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC, and scores of other television and radio channels to give us his version of the incidents?

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, promptly spoke to his people when a U.S. fighter jet – out of Alaska – shot down an unidentified flying object in the neighboring Yukon Territory.

So far, U.S. warplanes have downed a large reconnaissance balloon that traveled from China, across the northern Pacific Ocean to Alaska, then down the Canadian west coast into the Idaho/Montana area where it was reported and photographed by a couple of local citizens.

The balloon – for some incomprehensible reason – was allowed by the Biden Administration to continue its observations for several more days until reaching the Atlantic coast of South Carolina on Feb. 4, where it was destroyed a few miles offshore.

A week passed and suddenly there was a change in policy:  Shoot down unidentified flying objects – Pronto!

Still no word from President Joe. 

On Feb. 10, another “High Altitude Object” was shot down in northern Alaska, in the Prudhoe Bay area.  Prudhoe Bay is the northern terminal for the Trans-Alaska Oil  Pipeline.

Then shortly thereafter, a third HAO was located and obliterated in the Yukon Territory of western Canada.

At nearly the same time, a fourth radar image indicated still another object over Montana.  Fighter jets from Portland, Oregon were dispatched to the scene but couldn’t locate the target.

The next day, Sunday, Feb. 12, a fifth “octagonal” object was detected and destroyed over Lake Huron, Michigan.  It is believed this target was the same one seen over Montana the previous evening.

I’m not a balloon specialist, but is it possible for a high-flying balloon to travel the 1,300-mile distance between the skies over Montana and Lake Huron, Michigan in less than a day?

With the exception of the first encounter which was clearly a large balloon, the remaining four targets have been identified as “cylindrical” and “octagonal flying objects.”

Which suggests something different than a balloon-shaped vessel.  No pictures have been made public of the additional flying crafts.

As of this writing, other than debris from the recovered balloon in South Carolina, wreckage from the remaining objects has not been retrieved. 

Or, so we’re being told.

What are these things?  Reports indicate they range in size and shape from being about the size of a small car shot down in Alaska, to a cylindrical-looking object downed in the Yukon, to an octagonal vessel plunging into Lake Huron.

They all appear to be noticeably different with dissimilar flying characteristics.  In other words, if they’re not using an inflated balloon as the primary means of propulsion, then what are they using and where are they coming from?

Are they from China, Russia, or someplace else?  According to news sources, a U.S. Air Force general, involved in North American airspace management, suggested he would not eliminate the possibility of extra-terrestrials.

His remarks were quickly contradicted by others insisting there was no verifiable evidence of ET involvement.

In a week, we’ve gone from no previous military shoot-downs of an unidentified flying object to four.  The order of the day appears to be if an unrecognized flying object pops up on the radar, scramble an F-22 Raptor to blow it out of the sky.

It’s now been about two weeks since President Joe has been alerted to the presence of the original balloon, and he has yet to publicly discuss it.  Continued silence on the other shoot-downs only adds to his puzzling conduct.  The longer he remains silent on the topic, the greater the controversy will become.

Since it’s apparent our southern border is wide open, if space people are looking to come in, all they have to do is land in Mexico and walk across into Texas or Arizona, like the rest of the aliens.

At least they won’t be blown up by USAF fighter planes.  Heck, Joe has even cut back on Border Patrol’s tethered observation balloons.  Hope he doesn’t take away their patrol vehicles next.

He’s making it as easy as possible to get into Paradise – which is rapidly descending into a less pleasant Garden of Chaos.