Editorial: Is the fix in? 

Column By Mike Bibb

If there was any doubt the sweetheart deal offered Hunter Biden on his federal tax and gun charges was in jeopardy because of a federal judge’s refusal to accept the plea deal, the appointment of the same attorney who came up with the idea is now the DOJ Special Council in a new review of Hunter’s case.

In other words, same face, different job.  Don’t expect any changes.

Oh boy, is the fix in?   

After five years of stumbling around, David C. Weiss, U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, is the guy who recommended Hunter’s plea in the original case.  Weiss suggested no jail time for tax fraud and felony firearm possession.

Because of Weiss’ procrastination, a few of Hunter’s tax problems were deleted by the statute of limitations requirements.

There were additional legal shenanigans within the plea the judge found suspicious.  As a result, District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika refused to okay the offer and the plea collapsed. 

She also ordered the two sides thirty days to renegotiate a new, more acceptable agreement.

Instead, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice’s Attorney General Merrick Garland, suddenly appointed Weiss as the new Special Counsel to oversee Hunter’s case.

Unusual.  To avoid the appearance of favoritism or bias, a Special Council is not normally associated with the current justice department.

But, this is Joe Biden’s DOJ.  Proving, once again, Washington’s wobbly-headed thinking is rewarded for its ineptness.

Actually, this latest DOJ trick is nothing but a stalling tactic to delay further inquiries into Hunter and Joe’s various outside “business” dealings.

“Sorry, can’t comment on an ongoing investigation” will become the customary reply by the DOJ.  Indicating, of course, the cover-up is in full operational mode.

During an interview on “Face the Nation,” Aug. 13, 2023, Hunter’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, said that he’s “confident that if this prosecutor (Weiss) does what has been done for the last five years” there will be no new charges.

Nothing to see here.  Time to move on.  No unexplained Hunter funny business to report. 

If current Congressional records are true, Hunter’s tax and gun charges appear to be the tip of the iceberg in the father and son team’s extracurricular activities.

Hunter may have skipped a few years paying taxes on millions of dollars and purchased a handgun by falsifying a federal background application, but these misdeeds pale in comparison to the “pay-to-play” schemes the two have been involved in for many years.

Reportedly, tens of millions of dollars have been secretly paid to Joe and Hunter by several foreign entities, passed through various phony businesses and banking accounts.

“Come on, Mike, how do you know all this?” a Gila Herald reader may ask.

Well, I personally don’t know it, having never met Joe or Hunter, or being a member of Congress looking into these matters.

Nor, can I say with absolute certainty the rings of Saturn exist, Elvis is the acknowledged King of Rock-n-Roll, and Mount Everest is a tall peak in Nepal.

I accept these things because many substantiated reports, photos, and witness testimony have presented conclusive evidence.

Not certain about Big Foot or Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize.  Those two topics are in the “iffy” category.  Or, as Ronald Reagan once cautioned “Trust, but verify.”

It’s no secret Joe Biden was an ordinary U.S. Senator from Delaware, lacking noteworthy talents, didn’t author significant legislation, and possessed a tendency to twist the truth.  To his credit, he did manage to get reelected numerous times.  Perhaps, something in the water the voters of Delaware drink.  

Certainly, not a wealthy individual, Joe spent the majority of his adult life as a government employee.  To this day, why Obama chose him for vice president remains a mystery, considering Barack was not overly enamored with Joe’s political integrity and Capitol Hill skills.

Actually, Obama once remarked, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f—- things up.”  Sort of another way of saying “If it’s not broken, then Joe can break it.”  Not a flattering expression of mutual friendship and respect.  

Realizing time was running out to endorse a 2020 presidential candidate, Barack finally threw Joe his support when there was no one left to cheer for.   

An omen of things to come? 

Now, Joe flashes Rolex watches, wears expensive business suits, owns high-dollar homes, and vacations about half the time.

Where has the money come from to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous?

Hardly from a government salary or private investments, inventions, stock market selections, or inheritance.  Joe and Hunter are not active participants in these wealth-building plans.

Hunter’s ongoing struggles with drug addiction would normally hinder his ability to think clearly and behave rationally, even though Joe thinks otherwise.

Probably the surest way to find the source of Biden’s prosperity is to follow the money – which a Congressional investigative committee has been doing.

Millions of dollars have been documented being deposited into various Biden accounts, dating to Joe’s days as vice president.

China, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine are identified as contributors.  Why only these communist/socialist countries?  No money, or cryptocurrency, has rolled in from England, France, or Japan?

Obviously, the money was paid for some reason.  What did these foreign organizations expect in return?

That’s what a Congressional probe is trying to figure out.  Nearly every week reveals another Biden intrigue.

We’re all familiar with Hunter’s $1 million-a-year job with Ukraine’s Bursima natural gas company board of directors.  A position he had no qualifications or training for.

When asked why he was given the job, he replied it was probably due to his name being Biden and his dad being the Vice President of the United States. 

We’ve learned Hunter purchased a $129,000 Porsche sports car while also renting a $3.8 million home in Hollywood Hills for $12,000 a month, according to the Washington Examiner, Jan. 27, 2020. 

I’m no forensic accounting auditor, but seems to me things are not adding up.  Joe and Hunter’s reported incomes appear insufficient to keep up with their expenses.  This is kind of what members of Congress and IRS whistleblowers are thinking, too.

Equally questionable, what have Joe and Hunter done with all the money? 

The situation has become so murky certain U.S. House of Representatives members have been openly discussing the possibility of impeachment proceedings against Joe.

Impeachment hearings could dramatically reveal Joe and Hunter’s collaborations with foreign interests and open the books on their elusive streams of revenue.  

Nevertheless, a tough row to hoe, considering Democrats control the Senate and could negate a House impeachment.

Plus, Hunter’s new Special Council might become involved, slow-walking evidence gathering.

What a mess.  

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.