Editorial: ‘He’s just perfect’

Column By Mike Bibb

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), believes President Joe Biden is “just perfect.”  Which gives an ordinary person some insight into Nancy’s mental OKness.

I just made up the word, but it seems appropriate.

Nancy was recently speaking before a Christmas gathering of the Democratic National Committee when she announced, “It is an honor and, of course, a pleasure to be here at this time of challenge – and with the coronavirus, the national security for families, natural disasters,” The Washington Times reported, Dec. 15, 2021.

I’m not sure which classification she included the Democratic Party – I’m guessing natural disasters – but she’s absolutely certain Joe Biden is the man to lead us out of the darkness, after first leading us into it.

Incidentally, she was proclaiming her honor and pleasure without a mask.  Not totally out of character, as numerous videos have shown her attending various functions maskless.  

Maybe it’s a reverse situation – COVID masks up when Nancy’s around.

“Our country could not be more – it could not be better served, than with this most experienced, capable hands than yours, President Biden.  He’s just perfect!  The timing couldn’t be better.” she reported, her arms and hands flailing wildly as usual.  

Indeed, this is the season for the Messiah and America’s version was on full display at the DNC, prophesizing the Republicans will not do as well as they think in next year’s Midterm Elections.

“In 2020, we won as a unified Democratic Party – more unified than ever” Joe announced.  “Now we look at 2022. I want to tell my Republican friends ‘get ready, pal – you’re going in for a problem.'”

In addition to Nancy’s and Joe’s spasmodic treatment of the English language, they seem to have also lost their grip on reality. 

Equally intriguing, was Nancy speaking in tongues because many commentators and listeners seemed bewildered by some of her comments?  Especially considering Joe’s rapidly declining public opinion poll numbers and the abysmal year he’s had.

Biden is obviously experienced, having spent 50 years of his life in politics, but his record as a successful legislator is pretty thin.  Experienced and “capable hands” are often two entirely different things.

Then for Nancy to pronounce him as being “just perfect” and the “timing couldn’t be better,” would seem to indicate she has just about exhausted her supply of extra strength Prevagen, a brain enhancing supplement. 

Either that or she’s developed an immunity to the concoction.

Realistically, President Joe hasn’t had a very auspicious presidential beginning.  His list of snafus in determining the “root causes” of nearly all his problems seems to grow weekly.  From the collapse of our southern border; COVID mandated civil rights violations; bungled Afghanistan military withdrawal; dozens of deadly and damaging city riots; unsubstantiated white supremacy and racist claims; rising pandemic deaths in spite of increased vaccinations; near runaway inflation; inventory and supply chain disruptions; worker shortages; intentionally reducing domestic energy supplies while importing more foreign oil; proposed unprecedented tax increases; incomprehensible budgetary policies; failing China, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan and Iran international issues and on and on. 

If Nancy sincerely believes Joe is doing an exceptionally good job, then I suppose the definition of “good job” has been redefined by Webster’s New Woke Dictionary. 

Now, if we can get through Christmas without Santa’s reindeer farts being blamed for contributing to climate change, then maybe 2022 will be a year of reawakening to what we’re being told by the Dems and a phony media – about nearly everything – is not only fake news, it’s artificial intelligence reverberating through the voice boxes of empty talking heads.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.