Editorial: Dr. Fauci, COVID, and the border

Contributed File Photo/Courtesy U.S. Customs and Border Protection: More than 160 UDAs were taken into custody overnight near Lukeville in a 2018 incident.

Column By Mike Bibb

Ever wonder why the nation’s preeminent authority on infectious diseases, Mr. $420,000-a-year Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been mum on the COVID situation along our southern border?  Meanwhile, the safety of schools reopening and sporting events are still considered questionable.

Here’s a guy who has never been elected to any public position, is rarely held accountable for erroneous comments yet appears to be spearheading the nation’s response to a flu-like virus that has nearly grounded our social and economic well-being.

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina (R), must have been thinking the same thing when he recently tweeted “Paging Dr. Fauci.  You need to go to the southern border and witness in person the biggest super spreader event in the nation – President @JoeBiden’s immigration policies.”

So far, the President, Vice President, and Fauci haven’t visited the US/Mexico border to witness the chaos going on.  Instead, they insist they know what is going on and have approved housing for thousands of border crossers in taxpayer-paid motel rooms and military bases.

Or, releasing them unannounced into various communities.  In other words, “Come on in.  If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve earned the right to become one of us.”

Has anyone bothered to figure out what is going to happen when the motel rooms and military bases are full of these transients?  Then, who is going to feed and care for them?  Specifically, is the government simply going to print and hand out more money?

The wheels are starting to come off the wagon.

This madness isn’t accidental – it’s obviously intentional.  Either Washington has completely lost its mind or the Biden Administration has decided to pursue a reckless policy of open borders in order to comply with some kind of perverted “The more, the merrier” lunacy. 

Apparently, it’s perfectly permissible to encourage undocumented aliens to enter the country, while at the same time signing executive orders invoking additional gun control regulations upon law-abiding gun owners.

More Biden delusion? 

Ordinarily, a steady flow of migrants, including unattended children and teenagers streaming towards our Southwest states would be cause for alarm.  Not equipped to handle the flood of humanity, border enforcement has nearly broken down, as customs agents and officials are becoming more involved in caretaking activities than patrol and apprehension.

Keep in mind, an estimated 20 – 25% of illegal crossers are not detained.  Referred to as “Got-aways,” they avoid detection and fade into the interior of the country to do whatever it is they do.

However, it seems Joe is more concerned with crowded baseball stadiums than the mess at the border.  After over a year of hearing “Just 15 days to flatten the curve;” then it became “Just two more months and we’ll be okay;” then “In six months we should see the virus begin to slow;” then “When we have a vaccine, things will begin to return to normal;” then “We’ll continue to follow the science.”  Ad nauseum.  .  .

During this time, we’ve lived through lockdowns, school and church closings, stay-at-home declarations, business failures, facemasks mandates, “social distancing,” essential and nonessential workers, a near collapsing economy, government abuse of individual rights and now we’re blessed with a president who often seems to experience moments of cognitive confusion. 

When interviewed by ESPN Sports, Biden repeated his usual dire prediction – “They (baseball) should listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the scientists, and the experts.  But I think it’s not responsible.”

A rather jumbled statement.  First, he says listen to the “experts,” then he appears to contradict his own suggestion by stating he thinks “it’s not responsible.”  I assume he was speaking of baseball team owners acting irresponsibly by opening their stadiums to the public.  Who really knows?

This is the same individual who recently remarked if everything goes according to the government’s prescribed plan of “reopening,” we may be lucky enough by July 4 to have a backyard cookout with a few COVID-free friends.

Whoo-Hoo! Let me mark the calendar.  Don’t want to miss this year’s big social extravaganza.  Of course, I might have to stock up on a few extra hotdog buns, franks, and potato salad to feed my newly arrived neighbors from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and any other place.

Maybe our biggest mistake was ingesting the experts and media master’s misinformation pablum we’ve been continually spoon-fed the past year.  Adding to the derangement, we’re now allowing immigrants to casually walk into the country, board a bus and go wherever they please.  

This is one giant fluster-cluck even a growing number of Democrats – with the exception of Nancy Pelosi and a few of her buddies – are beginning to realize they can’t blame on Donald Trump.  

A few more months of this muddling leadership and we may wake up one day to wonder what the hell happened?