Editorial: Better a bad dog than a mad dog

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Column By John Young

Brace yourselves for the House inquiry.

Joe Biden’s dog did it again.

Commander, the first family’s young German shepherd, has been teething — on Secret Service agents.

Deliverer of this news: Judicial Watch, a right-wing entity that exists to suck the blood out of equal justice wherever found.

Not surprisingly, right-wing media sank its fangs therein. A host on NewsMax explains this as the “Democrat dog” being “anti-law enforcement.”

What else would one expect?

Republicans in the House assume the only matter they swore to “faithfully discharge” in Congress is the trashing of Hunter Biden. Now they can diversify. They can go after Commander.

Hunter has done bad things. Illegal things. Ask him, or listen to his autobiography. It’s on Audio.

Listen to the Republicans and you would think Hunter Biden molested more children than the Boston Archdiocese and free-based black tar at a black-tie table.

Oh, and there’s the “impeachment inquiry” the nation needs regarding Hunter’s dad.

You know, when the last impeachment inquiry occurred to a critical mass in Congress, no one in America – not one person in an eye-shot of a TV Jan. 6, 2021 — was left to wonder what the hell it might be about.

In this case, even Republicans who want it don’t know what they’re probing for, except that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy might be trying to save his skin from those brothers and sisters in the House who don’t like his debt-ceiling deal with the president. You know, when he actually tried governing.

Well, probe this.

Until snapped last week, the Dow Jones index was on the longest winning streak it had seen since before the turn of the previous century, yes before even Junior was a gleam in Joe Sr. and Catherine Biden’s eyes.

The stock market is a horrible gauge of the economy by and large. All should know this. But it’s just one gauge by which a lot of people are acknowledging this president is not doing half bad by it.

Half bad is a good way to think of our inflation: bad, but way less than half of what most of Europe is experiencing.

Speaking of proportion: Our unemployment rate of 3.6 percent is just slightly over half of Europe’s 6 percent.

Republicans tried early on to pin inflation on Biden and his spending instead of the lingering effects of the pandemic he was taming and the war Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson (’24 running mate?) commended Vladimir Putin for starting.

Turns out Joe Biden wasn’t looking for scapegoats for any economic ills. He was looking for solutions.

It is time to acknowledge the good this understated president has accomplished, aside from what just about anyone will admit is the most robust post-pandemic recovery in the developed world.

“Infrastructure Week” was a running joke under President Trump. Except for a border wall that’s mostly holes, he didn’t turn a stone.

President Trump did nothing for struggling industries and earners. He did a ton for those who needed no help.

It’s crazy. Whether employed in the chip industry, the auto industry, solar and wind industries; whether working on our nation’s infrastructure – yeah, that – people who are not friends of Donald Trump are benefiting from government action. You know — people like you and me.

Do you know how else people are benefiting? By not having Donald Trump president. If Joe Biden accomplished no other thing, it would be his greatest gift to his country — you know — people like you and me.

Every day affirms corruption and criminality marrow-deep in the man the Republican Party apparently cannot shake.

Run from prison? Let us encourage this strategy.

Imagine the press conferences through the visiting room phone.

So, let us also encourage House Republicans to focus all energies on the wide-ranging offenses of the “Biden crime family” while non-Republicans who vote wonder, “What the hell?”

If that means hauling naughty dog Commander before the lip-curlers of Jim Jordan’s committee, let the accusations fly.

But watch out, boys. This ’un bites back.

Longtime newspaperman John Young lives in Colorado. Email him at jyoungcolumn@gmail.com.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.