EAC designated a Voter Friendly Campus

Lori Dugan Photo/EAC: From left, EAC Professor Travis Catt, EAC student Isaiah Hinzman, Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, Graham County Recorder Polly Merriman, and EAC President Todd Haynie at a press conference recognizing EAC as a Voter Friendly Campus.  

THATCHER — On Thursday, Secretary of State Adrian Fontes and EAC President Todd Haynie announced that Eastern Arizona College has been named a Voter Friendly Campus by the Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project and NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education. The initiative recognizes institutions that have planned and implemented practices that encourage their students to register and vote.

“College students face extra barriers when it comes to voting,” said Haynie. “Voter ID laws, lack of information, transportation to the polls, and confusing requirements have traditionally kept student voters from the polls. At Eastern Arizona College, we are committed to ensuring our students become engaged participants in democracy.”

Lori Dugan Photo/EAC: Attendees at a press conference celebrate a “Go Monsters” moment after it was announced that EAC is a Voter Friendly Campus.  

Haynie referred to the Voter Friendly Campus designation as a “Go Monsters!” moment and highlighted the work that EAC student Isaiah Hinzman, EAC Professor Travis Catt, and Graham County Recorder Polly Merriman did to help students become more civically engaged. For their efforts, he and Secretary Fontes presented them with an EAC Mark of Excellence award.

Secretary of State Fontes stated that the Voter Friendly Campus designation underscores EAC’s mission to prepare students to be engaged participants in our democracy. He told the students who were present that their vote matters and will have a direct impact on their futures. 

“I am committed to expanding access to the ballot for all eligible voters and this is why I am happy to be here in Thatcher for Eastern Arizona College’s designation as a Voter Friendly Campus,” said Secretary Fontes. “Overcoming barriers to participation in our election doesn’t just happen. So, I hope what you have seen here today and the work that these folks have done to make this a Voter Friendly Campus not only sticks but spreads. Congratulations to every Gila Monster on your great achievement today.”