Discovery Park presents: Stories of George Washington and the importance of the U.S. Constitution

By Paul Anger

SAFFORD – The EAC Discovery Park Campus welcomes Mr. Gary D. Burnett for a patriotic historical lecture Saturday, March 23, at 7 p.m. Admission is free.

Mr. Gary D. Burnett , local author, distant relative of, and passionate historian of George Washington and the U.S. Constitution, will share a family-friendly presentation on the many forgotten stories of the founding of our country, including why Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Eve 1776 and the many ways that the colonial women helped to build our nation.

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He’ll also speak on the picture of George Washington, created by Ronald Man, at the Request of President Ronald Reagan for the Bi-centennial of our Constitution in 1987.  Mann also wrote the introduction to Mr. Burnett’s book.

There will be a special Question & Answer session – Mr. Burnett has accumulated an extensive library of 125-plus-year old books to gain insight of the thoughts and beliefs of the people closest to the events of the times.  

Mr. Burnett will share free U.S. Constitution packets with those who attend and is an experienced presenter who loves sharing his findings regarding the inspiring true stories of the great men and women who founded America. 

After the presentation, explore the Graham County Historical Society’s Artifacts Displays, the History of Astronomy Galleries, observe the night skies through the 20” Tinsley Telescope and ride the Exciting Polaris Shuttle Ride for a “Tour of the Solar System!”.  Enjoy an evening of free family fun, minutes from home at the EAC Discovery Park Campus.