Con Cariño salon opens in Clifton

Walt Mares Photo/Gila Herald: The Con Cariño beauty salon held its grand opening Aug. 18 in Clifton. Sharing in the event were, from left, co-owner Mary Merino, stylist Nereida Jaquez, and co-owner Shannon Williams. A crowd turned out for the event held at the salon on North Coronado Boulevard.

‘Caring’ is a keyword for customers

By Walt Mares

“Con Cariño.” It is a Spanish term that carries special meaning. It translates to “with caring.” 

Caring and love are the two operative words that Mary Merino and Shannon Williams say they are working to provide to the public with their new beauty salon in Clifton at 562 N. Coronado Blvd. 

They held a grand opening on Monday, Aug. 17, and received a warm reception of about 25 people who attended. Many of them were folks who are familiar with Williams and Merino.

A woman at the opening commented that “When it comes to style, these ladies know all about it. They have style in everything they do.” She said she has known the two women for many years.

Accompanying the two ladies in the salon is stylist Nereida Jaquez. All three bring experience to their work.

Is it not a bit daring to open a new business with the COVID-19 epidemic and an economy that is taking some big downward trends?

Merino said there remains a need for hairstyling, hair care, and skincare. Plus, El Cariño also provides hair care services for men and at a good price. The cost for a hair wash and a haircut for men is only $15. 

“We feel that’s a reasonable price,” Merino said. “The addition of a hair wash makes it all the more attractive, especially in this very hot weather we’ve been experiencing.” 

Walt Mares Photo/Gila Herald: Clifton resident Felix Quinonez checks out the various hair care products available at Con Cariño salon in Clifton. He helped himself to a bottle of cool water provided for guests at the salon’s opening Aug. 17.

Merino did say that because of the current economy there are fewer job opportunities for hairstylists these days. “That’s why we decided to start our own business. We feel confident we can have a good business and provide a service that will make people feel happy and satisfied while they’re here with us and when they leave.”  

Williams and Merino said the concept of caring and love are not just overused, empty expressions at the Con Cariño salon. 

“We put ourselves into our work. We truly care about our customers,” Merino said. “We’re artists and love what we do. We love to see the change in demeanor.  It really means a lot to bring a smile to someone’s face and know they leave here feeling pretty good about themselves.”

Walt Mares Photo/Gila Herald: Nereida Jaquez, displays a sign prominent in the Con Cariño beauty salon. She said the sign signifies the salon’s philosophy. The business opened Aug. 17 at North Coronado Boulevard. It provides services for women and men.

The salon has gentle light and is painted in soft colors. “I like the way this is set up,” Clifton resident Felix Quinonez said to another visitor. “It’s really easy on the eyes, and that’s very nice. It’s pleasing. Nothing jumps out at you.”

There is a sign In a hallway that carries several words of wisdom, “Always Be Honest, Be Kind, Be Grateful, Laugh, Forgive and Forget, Show Grace, Speak Truth.”  

Con Cariño is located at 562 N. Coronado Blvd. in Clifton and can be reached at a very easy telephone number to remember, (928) 865-1234.

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