An easy guide to designing the perfect commercial bathroom

If you are responsible for designing your business’s bathroom, then you need to put a lot of thought into it. If you don’t design its bathroom with efficiency in mind, then you could annoy customers and staff. It is your responsibility to deliver them with a bathroom that is spacious, safe, and hygienic.

Making your business’s bathroom safe and hygienic is more important now than ever before, considering COVID-19. If your bathroom isn’t designed with this in mind, then people could get sick.

This article will present an easy guide to designing the perfect COVID-safe commercial bathroom:

Space requirements

The first thing to bear in mind is space. How many people will be using your business’s bathroom at once? If you don’t have a large enough space available, then you should offer single-use bathrooms only. Space is very important. If you do not offer users space, then they will be too close to one another. Many countries and U.S. states still have social distancing requirements in place. If you do not design your bathroom with these in mind, then you could be fined, or forced to limit the number of people that use your bathroom at one time.

Overall design

Something else that you need to bear in mind is your bathroom’s overall design. What design do you want to express? The type of bathroom that you have should reflect your business. If you own an old-fashioned restaurant for example, then your restaurant’s bathroom should be designed in this style. If you own an ultramodern office building, however, then your bathroom should be designed to reflect this style. If you have no idea about how to harmoniously design your bathroom, then you should contact an interior designer and pay them to do it for you.

Bathroom fixtures

You need to make sure that your bathroom’s fixtures and accessories are reliable, sturdy, and durable. In addition, you need to make sure that your bathroom’s accessories are generous. We’ve all had experiences with tissue dispensers that don’t give us as much as we need. According to the bathroom-design specialists from, this is usually the fault of manufacturers who want to limit the amount of tissue that is used for environmental purposes. You can visit to learn more about this. If you aren’t concerned about the environment and don’t want to inconvenience your bathroom’s users, then buy dispensers that aren’t stingy.

Installation costs

Once you have found the right bathroom fixtures for your business’s bathroom, then you need to think about installation costs. Some manufacturers and retailers will install your bathroom’s fixtures for you free of charge, but this does depend on the amount of money that you spend with them. Make sure that you factor installation costs into your overall budget. It is unlikely that you will be able to attach your bathroom’s fixtures by yourself. If you have in-house technicians or workmen, however, then you may be able to. It is usually best to allow the manufacturer to do it however because their workmen’s installation will be covered under warranty.

Water usage

Something that’s usually overlooked by business owners when they are designing their business’s bathrooms is water usage. You need to carefully think through how much water you can afford to use on a daily basis. If you have a high-traffic business, then water bills can be very expensive. If you cannot afford high water usage, then you should limit the number of fixtures that you have in your bathroom, or alternatively, offer a single-use bathroom. Make sure to also invest in taps that limit the amount of water used, so that people can’t leave the tap running.

Bathroom odor

How are you going to control your bathroom’s odor? Bathrooms that don’t have proper ventilation can smell very quickly, even if they are cleaned regularly. If you cannot fit a window in or your bathroom is not near any exterior walls, then you need to have an air ventilator pipe connected to your bathroom. If dirty bathroom air is allowed to stagnate, the smell will begin to emerge from your bathroom and spread out into your business. If you have single-use bathrooms, make sure that you leave room sprays in them.

Local codes

You also need to make sure that your bathroom’s design conforms to local safety codes. If it doesn’t, then your bathroom could be shut down until it is redesigned. These codes exist to protect users and people who work in the building. If a bathroom isn’t designed with codes in mind, it can end up being very costly. Inspectors will come at the end of the design process to make sure that the bathroom conforms to the necessary codes. If it doesn’t then they have the power to shut down your entire building.

Bathroom cleaning

You should design your bathroom in a way that makes regular cleaning easy. If your bathroom is complicatedly designed, then cleaners will have difficulty getting in and cleaning all of your fixtures and appliances. Try to avoid heavy sinks, deep toilets, and tall cubicles. Especially tall cubicles can be hard for people to clean. In addition to making it easy to clean, you also need to add antibacterial hand gel dispensers around the bathroom’s interior. This is so that users are able to disinfect before they touch handles, protecting them from any viruses or infections.

Smart appliances

Lots of business owners find that smart appliances and fixtures are best. This is especially true considering the pandemic. People no longer want to touch the sinks in public bathrooms, nor do they want to touch door handles. Nobody can be sure if there is a virus lying in wait on them. Smart appliances are very expensive but offer your customers and staff peace of mind. Smart toilets are also a great investment, not to mention very hygienic. If you buy smart appliances in bulk, you should be able to get discounts from the product’s manufacturer.

Designing a commercial bathroom can be difficult. With the suggestions outlined here, it doesn’t need to be anymore. Make sure that you factor each suggestion in so that your business’s bathroom is designed as safely and efficiently as possible.