8 Must-know DIY landscaping tips for 2023

Landscaping is one of the best ways to make your home unique, valuable, and absolutely eye-catching. For those who want to do DIY lawn and landscaping tasks, there are some tips that you simply have to learn about to succeed. To help you on this crucial journey, here are eight must-know DIY landscaping tips for 2023:

1. Trust local landscaping pros

If you want to have the best curb appeal on your block, you want to learn how to landscape like a pro. Finding a quality landscape supply company in your area, and allowing them to do key lawn care tasks for you initially, is a great way to learn the ropes. Who knows, if they do a good enough job, you may even allow them to take on the year-round task of making your home absolutely gorgeous to behold.

2. Keep busy year-round

Speaking of year-round activities, you’ll need to pay close attention to your lawn and landscaping tasks year-round if you want to succeed. While the winter requires much less maintenance and effort to keep your lawn healthy and landscaping beautiful, there are still tasks that are important to do during chillier seasons. Depending on the type of plants you have on your property, they may even thrive during the winter seasons. Being on top of your lawn care tasks year-round will help you stay proud of your property’s appearance.

3. Consider your aesthetic

Before you can make your property stunning, you’ll need to sit down and consider what you want it to look like. Finding a consistent and impressive aesthetic to apply to your landscaping efforts is key. The more focused and specific you are with your landscaping care and beauty tasks, the better, after all. If you need tips and inspiration to get started, you should check out one of the many thousands of fantastic landscaping blogs online. The more you explore different decor and aesthetic ideas, the closer you’ll be to finding your own unique take on landscaping.

4. Water, water, water

Many people make the mistake of not including any water-based design or decor elements on their property. To truly make your property unique and excellent, having some small ponds, water fountains, or other water features is crucial. Doing so will also attract more wildlife to your property if that’s one of your goals with landscaping. You’ll need to pay close attention to the health of your water features, however, so that it does not become a blemish on your otherwise-beautiful property.

5. Consider hardscaping

Making your property look awesome is not only about plant life. In reality, many people are now focusing on “hardscaping” tasks to make their property look modern and sleek. There are lots of fantastic stone, wood, and other somewhat-natural design elements and ideas you can implement to make your hardscaping just as impressive as your landscaping. The more creative and dedicated you are to this task, the more unique you can make your property look in 2023 (and beyond).

6. Think about texture

Just as with any other “art,” texture is one of the most important aesthetic choices to consider. Finding plant life and decoration choices that will keep your yard looking diverse and natural will help you achieve your landscaping goals. When you make texture-based decisions, you’ll want to discover what landscaping care tasks will be associated with them as well. This is another area where looking for info from local landscaping pros can come in incredibly useful.

7. Layer flower beds

Flowers are a must-have for any property owner that wants a dreamy-looking home exterior. That being said, making flowers work on an aesthetic level is often easier said than done. Before anything else, you should make sure you’re layering flower beds in a way that not only looks intriguing, but that will promote the flower plants’ health as well. Doing so will help you take care of your lawn like a true pro. Given how much effort people put into their flowers, following this tip is essential.

8. Consider maintenance needs

Lastly, you should always take into account what your overall, long, and short-term maintenance needs are when approaching your lawn care tasks. Keeping equipment maintained, properly storing equipment, using the right lawn care products, and other maintenance-related tasks should all be taken seriously. The more time you spend taking care of your property’s landscape, the closer you’ll feel to your home on an emotional level. After all, people who love landscaping tend to have a lot of pride.