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We are here to serve the community for the community. If you have an event or piece of news you would like published please contact us with all press releases and public announcements at jonjohnsonnews@gmail.com.

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  1. Jon-

    Just found out about your new adventure. Good luck, buddy, I wish you buckets of success.

    Of course, I’m totally ignorant of your GVC situation. Nevertheless, a local news source with “The Gila Herald” moniker seems a bit more inclusive than the “Gila Valley Central.” After all, the Gila River meanders (when it rains) about 400 miles to the Colorado River. It doesn’t stop at Peridot.

    Anyway, keep the pot boiling — The competition is envious!!!!!

    Mike Bibb

    ps – I see from one of your articles the U.S. Forest Service has found a few more trees to burn. Of course, they set fire to them in the name of “fire prevention.”

    Also, there is presently a fire burning east of Benson in the Dragoon area. I took the enclosed photo on my return trip from Tucson this afternoon. Don’t know cause, but doubt it was lightening. Beginning of “fire season” already?


    Whoops. Can’t send photo. Windows has redone their format again and I’m bewildered how to attach pictures. Maybe if you send me your email address I can retry.

      1. Hey Jon I just found out about the “Gila Valley herald and it looks interesting. I am interested in subscribing. I’m guessing it is an online paper but I would like to receive it and post info to it.

        Thank You and best of success with it!

        Jay Rasco

        1. Thanks, Jay. It’s just the Gila Herald and you can check it out every day simply by going to gilaherald.com. We also post every story and more bonus material on our Facebook page, which can be found by searching Facebook for The Gila Herald. If you like the page, you will automatically receive the updates in your Facebook feed.
          Appreciate your readership, and if you have an event you would like publicized please don’t hesitate to email me at jonjohnsonnews@gmail.com.

  2. I happened to hear about your new site, I read the stories about the Kouts loss of their son. it was a touching and heartbreaking series.

  3. Jon-

    Is anyone left at “Gila Valley Central” (including yourself), that was working there three months ago? Looks like many of their former reporters and staff have fled to other endeavors.

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