Woman threatens to release estranged husband’s personal information

By Jon Johnson


SAFFORD – Divorce proceedings are frequently contemptuous, but one woman’s ire may have risen to the level of criminal when she reportedly threatened to release her husband’s personal information. 

A Safford officer was notified of the situation Monday, April 1, by the victim’s divorce attorney, who advised his client may be the victim of extortion. 

According to a Safford Police report, the victim received text messages from his wife – who now lives in Mesa – threatening to release his personal information if he did not deliver her property to her in Mesa.

“You’re going to bring my stuff if you want any of your mail or your dad’s stuff,” one text message said. “I have D.E.S. papers, bank statements, bank card, credit card bills, tax refund papers and much more. Make your choice (name withheld).”

Another message seemed more threatening. It read, “You have 30 minutes to decide. It would suck for you if all this financial and personal information was to fall into the wrong hands.”

The woman then sent a picture of the man’s Visa debit card and a third text read, “Time’s up. Conversation over.”

The victim also expressed his concern that his wife had changed the address listed with his bank through the online banking system and that she has access to all of his electronic and bank records.

The officer advised that since the couple is still married the bank information change is a civil matter. However, the officer also reported that the woman’s actions could also be deemed as a threat. 

The officer then spoke with the woman over the phone and she admitted to sending the text messages in an attempt to have the victim return her property to her in Mesa. 

The officer sent his report to the Safford City Attorney for review and charging for threatening or intimidating under the domestic violence designation. 

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